Genshin Impact v1.5 Developer Notes: Better Account Security, Mobile Bow Rework, Weekly Boss Reduced Resin, & much more

Nawshad Noor
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Genshin Impact v1.5 developer notes was published recently.

Genshin Impact v1.5 recently released developer notes talked about a lot of the upcoming features in Genshin Impact. Some of the upcoming features include Weekly Boss Resin reduction, Bow aiming rework on mobile devices, Better account security, and more.

Genshin Impact v1.5 Developer Notes:

The full dev notes were published on Mihoyo’s official forum website. The whole thing was not published in English so it’s a bit difficult to get an accurate translation.

Zeniet on Twitter summarized the upcoming features in developer notes for us.

Developer Notes v1.5

– Weekly bosses resin reduced
– Bow aiming options in mobile
– Show item quantity in menus
– Bookmark Mail
– Combat voice line in profile
– Confirm friend deletion
– Fix Statue of the Seven HP bug
– Better account security in development

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Developer Notes Features Explained:

Weekly bosses resin reduced:

Genshin Impact players have been asking for reduced resin costs on the weekly three bosses. Usually the weekly bosses reset on Monday for all server regions and require 60 resin per boss to collect their respective rewards. That’s a total of 180 resin required for the weekly bosses which leaves players with nothing else to do for the whole day.

Seems like Mihoyo is finally listening to players and the resin requirement for the weekly bosses is going to be reduced with the release of the v1.5 update. We can expect the resin requirement to be reduced to 40 keeping it on par with all the other bosses in the game.

Bow aiming options in mobile:

Genshin Impact mobile players have complained again and again about the difficulty in aiming with bows. Seems like it’s going to get a rework giving mobile players more options when aiming with the bow.

Show item quantity in menus:

Currently, when crafting we cannot see the number of items we have in our inventory. There will be an update in v1.5 that will allow us to see the number of items in our inventory when crafting.

Bookmark Mail:

There will be a feature in v1.5 that will let us bookmark and save emails in Genshin Impact.

Combat voiceline in profile:

Genshin Impact characters have different voice lines during combat. These voice lines will be available in the profile tab in v1.5 and can be played whenever we want.

Confirm friend deletion:

There is no confirm unfriend option in Genshin Impact right now and many times one might delete a friend unintentionally. Soon there will be a confirm delete friend option that will prevent such misclicks.

Fix Statue of the Seven HP bug:

Sometimes the Statues do not heal the players when standing near them. Players have to go into the blessings of the statue menu to get the heals and this wastes valuable time and can be annoying at times. In the v1.5 this bug will be addressed.

Better account security in development:

Account security has been one of the most talked-about topics in Genshin Impact since its release. Mihoyo recently implemented the captcha feature to discourage brute force login into players’ accounts. But players have been demanding a 2FA feature all along.

Seems like a possible 2FA authentication system could be coming to Genshin Impact in the future. At first, it will be tested on a limited amount of accounts and then introduced to everyone if the testing is successful.

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