Genshin Impact 1.5 Leak: Housing System Achievements List

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Guille994 Hoyolab post/ Mihoyo

A recent Genshin Impact leak has revealed the list of achievements coming to the game with the release of the v1.5 update.

The housing system in Genshin Impact was leaked a while back. Mihoyo calls the housing system the Teapot and it could be added in the v1.5 update. The housing system will allow players to decorate their realms as they see fit with different furnishings.

Players will apparently also be able to invite certain NPC’s and pets into their houses. Genshin Impact players will have to complete certain tasks to earn realm currency which can be used to build or upgrade the house and its decorations. They will also have to collect wood, dye, and furniture blueprints to be able to properly decorate their homes.

Recently an achievement list related to the Genshin Impact housing system was leaked. These achievements will probably award Primogems to players. Some of these housing system achievements are pretty straight forward like collecting a certain amount of wood and blueprints while others task players with increasing the Adeptal energy or increase trust level with the Teapot spirit.

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Genshin Impact Housing System Achievements List:

The achievements linked to Genshin Impact housing system are given below-

High Adeptal Energy Readings Ahead:

  • Reach 10,000 Adeptal Energy in 1 realm layout
  • Reach 10,000 Adeptal Energy in 2 realm layout
  • Reach 10,000 Adeptal Energy in 3 realm layout

Friend of the Realm:

  • Reach Trust Level 4 with the teapot spirit
  • Reach Trust Level 7 with the teapot spirit
  • Reach Trust Level 10 with the teapot spirit


  • Obtain 100 pieces of wood
  • Obtain 600 pieces of wood
  • Obtain 2,000 pieces of wood

If I were a Rich Man:

  • Obtain 1,000 realm currency
  • Obtain 5,000 realm currency
  • Obtain 20,000 realm currency

Realm Sans Frontieres:

  • Use the Serenitea Pot to enter your realm

Not Just a Small bench:

  • Create 50 furnishings
  • Create 100 furnishings
  • Create 200 furnishings

Color It In:

  • Create 50 dyes
  • Create 300 dyes
  • Create 1000 dyes

Precision Modeling:

  • Learn 30 furniture blueprints
  • Learn 80 furniture blueprints
  • Learn 180 furniture blueprints

My… Territory:

  • Place 50 furnishings in a single realm layout
  • Place 20 furnishings in a single realm layout
  • Place 500 furnishings in a single realm layout

These housing system achievements are subject to change with the release of the official version. Mihoyo is still to release any kind of official statement and info about the housing system. Genshin Impact players are eagerly waiting for the housing system update to drop as it will be a pretty significant mechanic addition to the game.

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