Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Upcoming 5* Geo Claymore Character Arataki Itto Gameplay

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Some recent Genshin Impact leaks have revealed gameplay of the upcoming 5* Geo Claymore Character Arataki Itto.

Arataki Itto is an Upcoming Genshin Impact character hailing from Inazuma. Itto element is Geo and he uses a Claymore as a weapon. A few days ago a low-resolution image of Itto was leaked on Chinese forum websites. There were also some cropped images of Arataki Itto’s abs and spiky claymore floating around the internet.

So, the Genshin Impact community started piecing all of these images together and started speculating about Itto’s looks and abilities. A lot of hype was generated following the leaks as it’s been a while since we got a Geo character.

But recently Mihoyo officially announced Arataki Itto as a character fueling the fire of hype been more. Even after the official announcement, Mihoyo did not provide and details about Itto’s gameplay and abilities. But thanks to hard work from some Genshin Impact leakers we finally have some gameplay of Arataki Itto. The gameplay leak video shows Itto’s Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks along with E and Q abilities.

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Arataki Itto Gameplay:

Genshin Intel, a prominent leaker in the Genshin Impact community recently shared the Arataki Itto gameplay video. The video first starts by showing Arataki Itto’s idle animations. Next comes some walking, running, and sprinting animations. Following this, around 47 seconds in the video we get to see Arataki Itto’s normal attacks and charged attacks.

Itto’s E ability puts out a small Geo construct that disappears after a while. We still don’t know the effects of this skill yet. We can only see the skill’s visuals from the leak video but it seems to enable Itto to deal some sort of Geo damage attack once it ends.

Finally, we get to see Itto’s Q ability. Itto’s weapon turns into a Spiky Rock Club that probably deals Geo damage on hit. It also appears to buff Itto’s Attack Speed to some degree.

As always take all of this info with a grain of salt as these are subject to change upon final release.

The original video on Twitter was deleted so below is a YouTube video link showing Arataki Itto’s gameplay.

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