Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Kamisato Ayato’s Possible Kit and Abilities [Update]

Some recent leaks from an NGA thread revealed Kamisato Ayato’s possible kit and abilities.

Kamisato Ayato is an upcoming Genshin Impact 5* character. Ayato is the current head of the Kamisato Clan and serves as a Yashiro Commissioner. According to the leaks so far, Ayato will probably be a Hydro Claymore or Sword. That’s about all we know about him so far.

Genshin Impact players are extremely hyped about Arataki Itto and are looking from crumbs of information about him. In the Arataki Itto teaser, we heard a single voice line from Ayato. Genshin players on social media websites went absolutely mental after this despite not knowing how Ayato looks like or without any info about his kit.

But some recent Genshin Impact leaks from an NGA thread got people talking as it revealed Ayato’s possible kit and his abilities.

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Ayato’s Kit and Abilities Explained:

As mentioned previously the Ayato kit and abilities leaks come from the Chinese forum website The post talks about Ayato’s abilities and his whole kit including Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

Below you will find details about Ayato’s kit as described by the aforementioned leak-

Talent 1:

When Ayato releases his Elemental Burst the cooldown of his Elemental skill resets.

Talent 2:

For each stack of Ayato’s ‘Kendo Stance’ he reduces the cooldown of each member in the party’s Elemental Skill by 1-3 seconds

Normal Attack- Shinri Ryu- Chop:

Ayato performs up to 5 consecutive sword strikes.

Elemental Skill- Shinri Ryu- Water Spell:

Pressing Ayato’s Elemental Skill throws a paper figure giving Ayato a stack of ‘Kendo Stance’. Long pressing the skill makes Ayato dash forward and deal hydro damage to opponents in the path and giving a stack of ‘Kendo Stance’. Max 2 stacks.

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

The small paper figure deals hydro damage periodically and taunts enemies. The paper figure explodes after the duration ends or when its enemies attack it a certain number of times. The max duration is 12 seconds.

For each stack of Kendo Stance Ayato’s normal attacks get infused with hydro for a short while. Additionally, it increases Ayato’s attack based on Ayato’s base attack. Max Stack is 5 and Ayato loses 1 stack every 2 seconds he is not on the field.

Elemental Burst- Shinri Ryu- Wave Surge:

The Elemental Burst turns Ayato’s normal, charged, and plunging attacks into hydro. It also increases Ayato’s attack speed and range.

Casting Elemental Burst when the paper figure from Ayato’s Elemental skill is present on the field causes a hydro tornado to form that attracts enemies and damages them.

This burst also reduces stacks on Ayato’s talent 1 reducing the skill cooldown of party members up to 6 seconds.

Ayato’s Appearence:

The leak also talks about Mihoyo working on changing AYato’s looks and model. We will not have any leaks about Ayato’s appearance before the spring festival.

Take all of the above leaks with a huge bag of salt as these are subject to change upon final release.


Renowned Genshin Impact Chinese leaker Ubatcha1 recently confirmed that the Ayato kit leak was indeed fake.

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