Genshin Impact Leak: Mystic Offering Artifact Exchange and Inazuma Town First Look

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Mihoyo

A recent Genshin Impact leak has revealed the Inazuma Town and the Mystic Offering Artifact Exchange system.

Currently, Genshin Impact has two regions for players to explore. They are Mondstradt and Liyue and are inspired by Europe and China. The next big region coming to Genshin Impact is Inazuma which is inspired by Japanese culture.

Genshin Impact players have been waiting in anticipation for Inazuma. Inazuma will unlock a lot of areas for players to explore as well as progress the story quests forward. Currently, Beta Tests are happening for Inazuma so every day we are getting some sort of leaks about upcoming Genshin Impact content.

A few days ago, some leaks surfaced that talked about an Artifact exchange system that will help us get some artifacts such as Gladiator’s Finale, Wonderer’s Troupe easily. And now a new video leak showed us how the Artifact Exchange system actually works.

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Mystic Offering and Inazuma Leak:

Mihoyo is bringing a new system that will let us get these artifacts in exchange for other artifacts. Recently a Reddit user shared a video showcasing the Mystic Offering system in action. At the start of the video, we can also see the town of Inazuma where Katheryne from the Adventures Guild and the Crafting Table will be situated.

Mystic Offering is an upcoming feature in Genshin Impact that will let us exchange our unutilized artifacts for some hard-to-obtain ones. Currently, to obtain the Gladiator’s Finale and Wonderer’s Troupe, players have to spend 40 resin. Even then we do not have a guaranteed drop chance for a Golden Gladiator or Wonderer’s Artifact.

Later in the video, we get a look at the Mystic Offering Mechanic. This exchange system will be accessible from the Crafting Bench. Players can choose up to 9 artifacts and get 3 artifacts of their choice by using this system. Currently, the artifacts that we can exchange for are Gladiator’s Finale, Wonderer’s Troupe, Noblesse Oblige, and Bloodstained Chivalry.

Credit: deweweewewe reddit post

Inserting fodder artifacts in the Mystic Offering will consume them and give random artifact pieces from the choice you make with random stats.

Below you can find the reddit post showing the full Mystic Offering video that will clear up how the Mystic Offering works..

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