Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Rewards Receives Backlash from Chinese Community – Finally Some Changes Coming to the Rewards?

Asil Ahsan
By Asil Ahsan
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Credits: Hoyoverse

Genshin Impact China community is not satisfied with the rewards and tone-deaf approach Hoyoverse has taken with the Chinese New Year.

If you haven’t heard already, the Genshin Chinese Community has taken it up to themselves to fight back against the ungenerosity that Hoyoverse has been showing for these past three years.

In the latest upcoming version sneak peek livestream of Lantern Rite, Hoyoverse announced the rewards they are going to give the players. Similar to their previous year, ten intertwined fates and Liyue 4-star selectors are back, which was expected from the company.

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But what triggered the Chinese fanbase is Hoyoverse stating they will send 3 Intertwined fates to in-game mails. This is for the support players have shown Genshin Impact for the past three years. And that just put oil to the complaints already burning among players.

Now, the Chinese community has started review-bombing Genshin. They also began to unfollow Hoyoverse’s social accounts to voice their opinions. And let’s just say the result is quite catastrophic for Hoyoverse.

Why the Backlash?

How Backlash Started
Hoyoverse stating their appreciation for the players base
Honkai Star Rail Rewards
By giving players 3 Intertwined Fates!

As mentioned earlier, the backlash was triggered by the comment of 3 Intertwined Fates. But that’s not all. A few weeks ago, Honkai Star Rail, another gacha game by Hoyoverse, received generous rewards for their anniversary and a free limited-time 5-star Character: Doctor Ratio. This character is meta-defining and has become an instant hit.

Honkai Star Rail Rewards
Salt in the Wound

Now, most Genshin players have come to terms with the fact that this is how the company operates. However, seeing Honkai getting all the rewards and mechanics upgrades they provided as a community has led to this meltdown.

How is the Chinese Community Showing Their Disappointment?

Genshin Chinese Community Backlash
Credits: X (respected accounts)

The Chinese community started unfollowing Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok. Here, Genshin used to have almost 10 million followers, but it came down to nearly 7 million. Currently, it is at 8 million, and many claim the company is using bots to keep up its follower count.

Genshin’s Billibili review has also seen a spike of 1-star reviews, which is now more than the number of 5-star reviews Genshin had. The current rating is now at 5.9.

What’s more, the Chinese players aren’t stopping there. They have started to unfollow popular brands that Genshin collaborated with, like KFC, Pizza Hut & HeyTea.

Asil’s Thoughts

In my personal opinion, I think the Chinese community is 100% right. I have been playing Genshin Impact since its launch, and in all these years, they haven’t really put that much effort into rewarding the community, unlike other Gacha games.

Genshin was unique even among gacha games, as they had an open world to explore, so they probably thought they could get away with it.

Also, opinions from global players like me didn’t matter to them as long as the Chinese community was happy. That’s because the first anniversary received quite a backlash from the global community, and they did nothing.

But this time, I think there will be some positive changes as Hoyoverse’s primary goal is the satisfaction of the Chinese community. Those who played from the launch probably remember how they responded to Zhongli being weak in the eyes of the CN community.

Hoyoverse already released a statement and apologized, but I think they wouldn’t have done that if the Chinese community hadn’t led this. Now, fingers are crossed to see how they compensate us. I hope they don’t end up adding another three more Intertwined Fates.

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