Triple Banners Coming in Genshin Impact?

Asil Ahsan
By Asil Ahsan
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Credits: Hoyoverse

With so many characters released with the Fontaine update, Genshin might be looking back to the return of triple banners for the event’s exclusive wishes.

There are a total of 78 characters in Genshin Impact, and more are coming in if you have seen our upcoming characters list. With so many characters, it will be quite difficult for Hoyoverse to consistently maintain reruns of all the characters for a whole year. (RIP Itto and Albedo).

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So, what will be the solution to this? Well, the answer has been around the corner for a while and if we believe the popular leaks, then it’s triple banners!

Yes, triple banners are coming to Genshin Impact, whether we like it or not. But how will this play out? That’s why I will be sharing my thoughts on this article.

Genshin’s Triple Banner Format

Currently, in the event wish banner, we’ve got 2 separate event banners and 1 weapon banner with each patch. If Hoyoverse decides to include a third character banner, then there are two ways they can play this out:

  1. Triple Character Event Banners & Weapon Banner
  2. Double Character Event Banners & Weapon Banner with Separate Character Banner

If they plan on releasing triple banners with the current format, then the biggest issue will be the weapon banners. Last time in the Lantern Rite, we were in version 2 patches. At that time, weapon banners weren’t this heavy with signature weapons.

Now, however, we have the Epitome Path and other factors to consider. If there is a third weapon in the weapon banner, then getting your desired 5-star weapon, even with Epitome Path selected, will be difficult. And I personally don’t believe that the player base will appreciate that.

That being said, Hoyoverse isn’t really generous when it comes to Genshin Impact (e.g. anniversary rewards), so it can be a possibility.

I prefer the latter option, where we get a separate character banner out of the usual event character banner. Many theory crafters have suggested lowering the pity count or including a completely new wishing system for us to use. I think this will be the best course of action as this will be a bit primogem efficient than others.

Many leakers suggest that triple banners will be unavoidable, and while we should take everything with a grain of salt, it is mostly likely that one of the two options is going to be how the triple banners will work.

But all is left to Hoyoverse to decide what type of banner system they are going to go with. That being said, on the live stream tomorrow, you won’t have to be worried about triple banners. This is because, as far as leaks suggest, the triple banner format is likely to hit 4.5!

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