How to Use the New Genshin Impact “Enhancement Progression Calculator”

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Mihoyo

Genshin Impact just introduced the new Enhancement Progression Calculator for finding the cost of upgrades.

A few months back, Genshin Impact made an official Teyvat Interactive Map. Players can use the interactive map to find all resources much easier. Later, we got the Hoyolab mobile app that has tons of features including reminding us to log in every day for the daily check-in rewards. And, now, Genshin Impact introduced the newly created “Enhancement Progression Calculator”.

Using the calculator, Genshin players can find out the cost of upgrading their favorite characters as well as their talent and artifacts. Many Genshin Impact players pre-farm for their favorite characters so this tool will surely help a lot of players.

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How to Use the Enhancement Progression Calculator:

First, you need to head over to the Enhancement Progression Calculator Hoyloab Webpage. Here you will need to log in using your credentials.

Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator login page
Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator login page Credit: Mihoyo

Following this step, you will see a page where all the Genshin characters are to the left. From here, you can pick whichever character you want and configure their character and talent levels to find out the cost.

Additionally, there are options for finding out the cost of upgrading weapons and artifacts.

Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator
Credit: Mihoyo

Overall, the calculator is simple to use and does not require any download so it’s certain to become popular among the Genshin playerbase.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.