Genshin Impact v2.4 Leak Reveals Lantern Rite Event Details

A recent Genshin Impact v2.4 leak has revealed info about the upcoming Lantern Rite event.

During last year’s Lantern Rite, Genshin Impact showered players with lots of events, story quests, Primogems, and the Xiao Banner. Xiao is one of the most popular Genshin Impact characters and his rerun banner will be one of the highest pulled banners.

Another popular Genshin Impact character is Ganyu and her banner is almost 1 year old. Some recent leaks suggest that Xiao and Ganyu might both be available at the same time similar to the Albedo Yula banner. So the hype regarding this year’s Lanter Rite event is sky-high.

Amidst all these expectations, Genshin Impact players are eagerly waiting for any info about the upcoming Lantern Rite and a recent v2.4 leak has given us just that.

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Genshin Impact v2.4 Lantern Rite Event Details:

Genshin Report, a popular Genshin Impact leaker recently shared info about the v2.4 Lantern Rite event. They revealed that the Lantern event will 4 themes and minigames. They are-

“Fleeting Colors in Flight: Lantern Rite event with 4 themes:

1. Smelting fireworks (and suffer as a perfectionist)

2. Waverider minigames and mob camps in Guyun Stone Forest (similar to 1.6)

3. Wondrous Shadows – minigame similar to Shadowmatic

4. Boss domain with a 3-head hydra”

Additionally, the Lantern Rite event will use three types of event shop currencies. The items from the shops are-

  • “- 6 types of special launchable fireworks
  • – 9 special furniture recipes
  • – 3★ ascension gem fragments and 3
  • -4★ Liyue talent books
  • – Crown of Insight × 1
  • – Hero’s Wit and Mora”

Take all the above info with a grain of salt ad these are subject to change.

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