Genshin Impact Insider Leak Reveals New Character Release Order up to Patch 3.5

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Recent Genshin Impact leaks have revealed the new character’s release order and the patches they are supposedly coming out in.

Genshin Impact v3.0 update came out a few days ago. The new update introduced the land of Dendro, Sumeru. We also got the new Tighnari and Zhongli double banners. In addition to pulling for the characters Tighnari and Collei, players can get the best shielder in the game, Zhongli.

The new update also brought tons of new quests, puzzles, enemies, resources, domains, artifacts, and much more. But, the main attraction of Genshin Impact is the characters. Thanks to leakers, data miners, and official reveal, we already know about the next few Genshin characters. Some of these unreleased characters are Nahida/Kusanali, Cyno, Nilou, Candace, Alhaitham, Dehya, Baizhu, etc.

Many Genshin players have already decided to save primogems for the characters they are most interested in pulling. It is a difficult task without knowing which characters are coming out in which patch. We already know from the Genshin Impact Beta that Cyno and Nilou will release version 3.1. The other character’s release dates were largely unknown until now. But thanks to some recent insider leaks, we now have a pretty good idea of when some of these new characters might release.

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Genshin Impact Upcoming Character Releases:

Genshin Impact leaker Xwides recently posted on Twitter sharing info about this insider leak. According to the Tweet, the characters releasing in the next few patches are-

  • 3.2 – Nahida
  • 3.3 – Wanderer
  • 3.4 – No new 5* characters
  • 3.5 – Dehya

Here, Nahida refers to lesser lord Kusanali, or you can also call her the Dendro Archon. Additionally, the Wandered supposedly refers to Scaramouche. In patch 3.4, there might be no new 5* characters. Finally, in patch 3.5, we will get Dehya.

As for Alhaitham and Baizhu, we do not know the exact timeframe for their release. Some info suggests that Baizhu has been postponed due to some design changes that need to be implemented. As for Alhaitham, he might not be playable until Genshin Impact 3.6.

Take the above information with a grain of salt, as they are subject to change.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.