Genshin Impact: February 2022 Starglitter Exchange Shop Characters and Weapons

Genshin Impact’s Starglitter Exchange shop February 2022 characters and Weapons revealed.

Genshin Impact has a unique shop called Starglitter Exchange that resets every month. Players can exchange their excess Starglitter to get free 4* characters, weapons, and other crafting materials in this shop. The Starglitter Exchange shop is the only place in Genshin Impact where there isn’t any RNG involved.

So, many players eagerly wait each month for the shop reset. The 4* star characters available each month can bring tremendous value to many Genshin players. For example, the Starglitter Exchange shop has now reset for December. Below is the updated Starglitter Exchange shop.

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Genshin Impact February 2022 Starglitter Shop:

Genshin Impact’s February 2022 Starglitter exchange shop characters are-

  • Beidou
  • Noelle

The weapons this month are the Royal set which increases your critical chance if you damage an enemy and can stack up multiple times until a crit hit occurs. All the weapons of this set have the same primary stat and weapon bonus. The stats for the Royal Longsword weapon are below.

Genshin Impact Royal Sword
Genshin Impact Royal Sword Credit: Mihoyo

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