Genshin Impact “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” Event: Event Duration, Eligibility Requirments, Details, Rewards, and More

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Genshin Impact 2.8 updates’ “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” event is going live soon. Here’s everything you need to know about it, including the duration, eligibility, details reward, and more.

Genshin Impact v2.8 is ending in about a week. The whole genshin community is eagerly waiting for the 3.0 update. The new update will finally let us explore Sumeru, the land of Dendro. Lots of new Dendro characters are coming along with new quests, puzzles, enemies, etc.

But, there is still one more event we have to complete before Genshin Impact 3.0 update drops. That is the upcoming “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” event. In this event, players will have to solve puzzles to complete paintings to obtain in-game rewards such as primogems, hero’s wit, weapon exp materials, and Mora.

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Genshin Impact “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” Event Details:

Event Duration:

The event will start on 12th August 2022 at around 10:00 AM and end on 22nd August 2022 at around 03:59 AM (Server Time).

Eligibility Requirments:

  1. Adventure Rank 18 or above
  2. Complete the Archon Quest “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Event Details:

  • During the event, you can use Félix Yogue’s special workbench to restore the Mechanical Painting Parts.
  • From the first day of the event, a new part that can be restored will unlock every day. A total of six parts need to be restored in sequence.
  • After restoring all six Mechanical Painting Parts, you must place the Parts at the right angles and specific locations to restore the Evermotion Mechanical Painting. After the restoration is complete, you can obtain rewards such as Primogems, a Furnishing, Hero’s Wit, and Mora.

Note: If you exit the interface while the Mechanical Painting Parts restoration process or the piecing process of the Evermotion Mechanical Painting is ongoing, the restoration progress will not be saved.


Players can get the following rewards after completing the “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” event, and they are-

  • Primogems
  • Furnishing
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Mora

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