Genshin Impact Developers Discussion: Everything You Need to Know About The Serenitea Pot

Nawshad Noor
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Genshin Impact’s latest Developers Discussion talked about everything there is to know about the upcoming 1.5 housing system called Serenitea Pot.

Mihoyo recently hosted the 1.5 official Livestream where they revealed the upcoming housing system in Genshin Impact. We also got to see a trailer and some of the features of the housing system coming to the game. Recently Mihoyo posted a developers discussion that answered some of the questions related to the Serenitea Pot.

Some of the questions that were talked about in the developers discussion are related to farming, HP recovery, gardening, custom furnishings, gifting system, and furniture interactions. The dev team at Mihoyo tried to answer some of the questions related to this topic.

Below you can find all of the questions and their answers explained in the developers discussion.

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Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Dev Discussion:

Q1: How can I obtain Materials or Furnishings?

There are a certain number of ways to collect materials for making furniture in Genshin Impact. According to the official answer,

“Travelers can obtain Materials for making Furnishings by cutting down trees, collecting ore or items in Teyvat. Also, you can obtain Furnishings or Furnishing Materials by increasing Teapot Spirit Trust Rank, or redeem them at the Realm Depot or Teapot Traveling Salesman.”

You won’t get anything like an Axe or chainsaw, instead, you can use your sword or claymore. From the looks of it, Bow and Catalyst users cannot farm wood. The farming for housing system materials might work similarly to the current way we farm crystals and iron chunks in Genshin Impact.

Q2: Can I grow vegetables or flowers in Serenitea Pot?

The gardening system is currently not scheduled for release with the v1.5 update. But the developers have plans to incorporate it in the future. Initially, they had plans to make a working gardening system but it was too tough to implement.

Q3: When gardening is available, what can I get from growing plants in Serenitea Pot? Can I get Mora, Resin, or Primogem?

You won’t be able to farm Mora from the housing system. “Paimon doesn’t think Mora grows on trees…”

But there is a way to exchange for things like mora or XP books. Also Sanctifying Essence and Sanctifying Unction is a new kind of XP book for Artifacts that will allow players to upgrade their artifacts.

There will be a way to get a new type of Resin from the housing system that will expire if not used within a certain time period. “you can also get a new kind of resin through Realm Treasures. This new Resin has the same functionality as the existing Resin, only that it will decompose with time.”

Q4: Can characters that I own be stationed in my Abode?

In the trailer for the housing system, we saw Genshin Impact characters running around, sitting on benches, and doing things. All these characters made the whole environment feel more lively so naturally, players had questions about how it will actually work.

The characters owned by players cannot be put into the teapot in the v1.5 update but in 1.6 this feature will be added. “In Version 1.6, the characters owned by Travelers can also be stationed in Serenitea Pot!”

Q5: Can I interact with the Furnishings in Serenitea Pot? Can I recover HP in Serenitea Pot?

As for furniture interactions, the dev team is currently working on adding this feature to the housing system and seems like Mihoyo does not have any plans to enable healing while inside the teapot.

“The dev team is still working on Furnishings interactions.
Let’s leave the HP recovery to the Statue of The Seven!”

Q6: Can I custom-make my own furnishings?

More than 200 different pieces of furniture will be added when the housing system drops in with v1.5. So Mihoyo is currently not considering the addition of custom furniture making but it might be added in a future update.

“there are already over 200 furnishings that you can place. In future versions, types and styles of furnishings will continue to be added. Paimon will pass on your request for custom furnishings to the dev Team!”

Q7: Can I send furnishings as gifts to my friends?

Currently, there is no way to send or receive furniture as gifts in the Genshin Impact housing system. But every week a traveling merchant will come and sell different furniture and players can hop into their friend’s teapot to get the things they might not get from their own traveling salesman.

The Serenitea Pot is still a relatively new feature coming to Genshin Impact v1.5 so it might be missing a lot of the features players might expect. But reading the developers’ discussion it seems like they have plans to add a lot of new features to the Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot down the road.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.