Genshin Impact Battle Pass Mission Adjustments Coming in v1.5

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Mihoyo

Genshin Impacts v1.5 update will bring some changes to the battle pass missions.

Genshin Impact v1.5 update is dropping in a few days on 2021/04/28 06:00 (UTC+8). Players are already hyped up about the upcoming housing system, new characters, and weapon banners among other things. But there is one key feature in Genshin Impact that is getting some changes and this change might affect a large portion of the player base.

The current Battle Pass in Genshin Impact is set to end on 26th April. The next battle pass will probably start with the release of the v1.5 update. As part of the new update, Mihoyo has decided to change some of the weekly missions in the battle pass.

Full details on the battle pass weekly mission changes are given below.

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Genshin Impact v1.5 Battle Pass Changes:

In the latest blog post, Mihoyo let us know about the changes coming to the battle pass after v1.5. Some weekly missions like collect Mondstadt and Liyue local specialties, the weekly boss kills were removed from the battle pass. In its place, some new weekly missions were added related to the new housing system.

The changes to the battle pass weekly mission are given below-

Deleted BP Missions:

• Collect 100 Mondstadt local specialties

• Collect 100 Liyue local specialties

• Complete the Wolf of the North Challenge

• Complete the Stormterror Domain Challenge

• Complete the Golden House Challenge

New BP Missions:

• Complete Trounce Domains or the Dominator of Wolves challenge 3 times

• Obtain a total of 1,000 Realm Currency

• Create a total of 10 furnishings

• Purchase 2 items from the Teapot Traveling Salesman in another player’s Serenitea Pot

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