Genshin Impact 3.4 “Iridescence in Papers” Web Event: Duration, Eligibility, Rewards, Gameplay Details, and More

Nawshad Noor
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Genshin Impact’s latest event in 3.4, “Iridescence in Papers” will offer players some free primogems for completing short tasks.

Genshin Impact web events are short events that HoYoverse releases to give us short minigames to play. These web events are short and usually take a few minutes to complete, but they offer some Primogems as rewards.

The latest event in Genshin Impact 3.4 is called “Iridescence in Papers”. In this event, players have to cut pieces of paper according to dotted lines and unlock scrolls. These scrolls will then help light up the stage for their performances. Completing these will unlock primogems and other rewards.

Below you will find the info about the new “Iridescence in Papers,” including the Duration, Eligibility, Rewards, Gameplay Details, and More.

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Iridescence in Papers Web Event Details:


The “Iridescence in Papers” web event will begin on January 29, 2023, until February 07, 2023, at around 23:59(UTC+8).


Travelers who are Adventure Rank 10 or above are eligible to participate.

Gameplay Details:

During the event, you can log in to Genshin Impact daily, complete Daily Commissions, consume Original Resin, and complete other missions to obtain the event item: paper. You can use the pieces of paper to unlock scrolls and make collages from cut pieces of paper. Afterwards, you can obtain stage accessories to help your companions light up the stage.

After the stage is lit, you can earn in-game rewards such as Primogems and other rewards and decorations to decorate the main stage with. Adjust the stage decorations and watch Hu Tao and her friends perform on stage to obtain more Primogems and other in-game rewards.

Obtaining Papers:

Travelers can obtain the event item: Paper through the following methods:

  1. log in to Genshin Impact every day, complete two Daily Commissions, consume 40 Original Resin, and complete other missions to receive the corresponding number of paper pieces.
  2. Daily missions refresh at 04:00 (Server Time) each day. Unclaimed Paper will also be cleared by then. Please claim and use the Paper in time. Claimed Paper will not be cleared.
  3. Consume a certain amount of paper to unlock different scrolls. There are five scrolls in total in the event. After a scroll is unlocked, you can repeat the challenge until the paper collage is complete.

Paper Collage:

  1. After you consume a certain amount of paper to unlock scrolls, you can click on the scrolls to start creating the collage.
  2. When carrying out paper cutting, you need to cut out the shape of the part with a single stroke along the dotted lines on the paper. The cut will fail if you don’t follow the dotted line, break the line while cutting, or you don’t complete the shape properly.
  3. The paper will not be consumed iff the cutting fails, and you can try multiple times again.
  4. After you successfully cut out the main parts, you will enter the collage phase (Paimon will help you cut out the rest of the pieces).
  5. When making the collage, you need to put the pieces in the area indicated by the dotted line. After placing all the pieces in the right places and assembling the complete object, the assembly will be considered successful.

Stage Decorations:

  1. When you complete the paper collage, you will receive a corresponding object. Place the corresponding object on the appropriate companion to light up the scroll.
  2. Each time the scroll is lit, you will receive stage decorations from your companions. You can click the “Decorate” button on the home page and decorate the stage according to your preferences.


  • Primogems x120
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x8
  • Hero’s
  • Wit x12, and Mora x100,000.

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