Genshin Impact 3.3 Genious Invocation Card Game: How to Unlock, Criteria, and Basic Rules

Here are the Basic Rules, How to Unlock, and Criteria for the upcoming card game in Genshin Impact 3.3.

Genshin Impact is an action RPG game developed by HoYoverse, previously known as miHoYo. It is a free-to-play game with gacha monetization tactics. Meaning players can spend real world currency to buy primogems and wish for their favorite characters and weapons.

The gameplay in Genshin Impact revolves around elemental reactions. Each character in Genshin has a specific element, and players can mix and match elements of different characters to cause reactions and do increased damage.

But the elemental reaction fighting will not be the only permanent gameplay soon. HoYoverse is introducing a new card game mechanic in the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.3 update. This card game will be similar to the Witcher 3’s Gwent and allow players to sink hundreds of hours to prepare the best deck builds and duke it out with in-game NPCs and friends.

Recently, HoYoverse revealed the basic rules, how to unlock, and criteria of this card game called Genius Invokation TCG. Below you will read all about it.

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Genshin Impact Card Game:

How to Unlock:

After the Genshin Impact 3.3 update comes out, players can visit the Cat’s Tail and unlock this game mode by talking to Prince, the black cat.

Unlock Criteria:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 32 or above
  • Complete the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Gameplay Rules:

The main objective of the game is to defeat the opponent’s character cards by attacking using your own.

Learning the Board Areas:

There are a few areas on the board that we need to familiarize ourselves. They are-

  1. Character Zone: After the game begins, all Character Cards will be placed in the Character Zone. Each player will have to select an active character to be on the field. Only the active character can use Skills.
  2. Elemental Dice: In Genius Invokation TCG, various types of actions require Elemental Dice as payment. There are 8 elemental dice types: Anemo, Hydro, Electro, Dendro, Cryo, Pyro, Geo, and Omni. Omni can be used as any basic element.
  3. Character Skills: Displays skills that the active character can use.
  4. Summons Zone: Some Character Skills can create Summons in the Summons Zone to assist the player. The Summons Zone can hold up to 4 Summons.
  5. Support Zone: Support Cards will be placed in the Support Zone after they are played. The Support Zone can hold up to 4 Support Cards.
  6. Draw Pile: Before the game starts, all Action Cards in a deck will be shuffled and will form the Draw Pile. When drawing cards, the player will draw ActionCards from the Draw Pile and add them to their hand. (If the Draw Pile has no card left, then no new card will be added to Hand.)
  7. Hand: In a duel, you can draw cards from the Draw Pile and add them to your Hand. (You can have a maximum of 10 cards in your Hand.) Playing cards can have different effects, so a correct combination of cards can achieve the best possible effect.
Genshin Impact TGC Board
Genshin Impact TGC Board

Duel Flow:

Genious Invocation TGC is a turn-based card game. Each duel has three phases: Preparation>Rounds>Victory Evaluation.

Each Rounds phase will proceed as follows:

Roll Phase>Action Phase>End Phase.


Before a duel starts, both sides will draw 5 cards from their Draw Pile, which will form their Hand. After that, both sides will get 1 chance to switch out any number of cards in their Hand. Once the player has decided on the starting Hand, a Character Card must be selected as your Active Character.

Roll Phase:

Players will roll 8 Elemental Dice at the start of each Round to use for that round. After throwing these dice, you will have 1 chance to choose any number of Elemental Dice and reroll them. Once the Roll Phase is over, you will enter the Action Phase.

Action Phase:

During the Action Phase, a player will go first, and both sides will take turns to make their moves.
In matchmaking and Co-Op Mode, the player who goes first is randomized. In the other modes, you will always go first. Possible actions include:

  • Use Skill: Pay the relevant cost and use your active character’s Skill(s).
  • Switch Characters: Pay 1 Elemental Dice of your choice to switch active your character.
  • Play Card: Pay the relevant cost and play cards from your hand
  • Elemental Tuning: Discard a card from your Hand and change the Elemental Type of 1 of your Elemental Dice.
  • Declare Round End: End your actions for this Round. The first player to declare the end of their Round will go first during the next Round. Once both players have declared the end of their Round, the Action Phase will end, and this round’s End Phase will begin. The remaining Elemental Dice from the current round do not carry over to the next round.

System Rules:

Increasing your player levels in TGC will award Primogems and other rewards related to Genious Invocation TGC. You can earn Player EXP and increase your Player Level through the following challenges:

Open World Matches:

Genius Invokation is a popular card game with players coming From all corners of the world. Once you’ve completed the Beginner’s Tutorial quest at The Cat’s Tail with Prince, you will receive a Casket of Tomes, which can be used to mark players who can be challenged on the map.

The challenges are divided into two levels of difficulty:
Adventure Challenges are easier, and Duels are harder. Winning Adventure Challenges grants you Player EXP, and some opponents will even gift you cards if you complete the challenge objectives. “As your Player Level increases, the number of challengers you can face and the matches you can partake in will also increase.

Weekly Guest Challenges:

Each week, a maximum of 4 guests will visit The Cat’s Tail. Defeat them in duels to obtain Player EXP. Guests who have already arrived this week will leave on the second week.

TGC Guest Challenge
TGC Guest Challenge

Travelers can go to Prince and check their current Player Level. As you level up, you will unlock more features and game modes.

You will receive Ascension Challenges once you reach certain Player Levels and have the required EXP to level up. You can only further raise your Player Level cap by successfully completing Ascension Challenges with Prince at The Cat’s Tail.

Obtaining Character Cards:

Travelers can obtain Character Cards through the following methods:

Character Invitations:

Travelers can use the invitation board to send invitations to registered challengers on the Player List and partake in duel matches.

TGC Character Invitation Board
TGC Character Invitation Board

The matches are divided into two levels of difficulty:

Friendly Fracas, which is easier, and Serious Showdown, which is harder. Should you prevail in Friendly Fracas and complete the challenge objectives, you can also earn corresponding Character and Talent Cards.

Note: When you invite a character to a duel for the first time, you must use a Match Invitation Letter. You can get these letters by increasing your Player Level, completing quests, and purchasing them from the Card Shop.

Tavern Challenges:

Once your Player Level reaches a specific level, you can go seek out Prince at The Cat’s Tail to partake in greater tests of mastery via Adventure Challenges.

TCG Players Manual Quests:

After completing the beginner’s tutorial quest, you can unlock the TCG Player’s Manual. Complete the quests in the TCG Player’s Manual to earn rewards such as Primogems, Lucky Coins, and Action Cards.

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