Gen.G Wins MSI 2024 As Chovy Gets First International Trophy

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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MSI 2024 has concluded as Gen.G have finally won an International Trophy after failing so many times.

Gen.G has been one of the favourites to win international tournaments for the past few years. However, they have always come short of winning and failing to perform well. This has been a thorn in Gen.G’s side for so long.

To change things, they changed their roster to add Canyon, Kiin, and Lehends to the rest alongside Chovy and Peyz. That led them to win LCK for the fourth time in a row and then come to MSI 2024 as one of the favourites. All the struggles have finally culminated in Gen.G winning their first international trophy.

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Gen.G MSI 2024 Champions

After a 3-1 win over BLG, Gen.G wins MSI 2024. Throughout the tournament, they have been excellent with great performances all across the board. Chovy and Canyon were the highlights of the tournament, while Lehends won MSI 2024 Finals MVP.

The tournament has been great for Gen.G as they brought out unique picks, excellent gameplay, and solid plans to beat their opponents from LCK, LPL and other regions alike. This has truly been an excellent run for Gen.G this year so far.

Gen.G now marches on for the Golden Road as there are two more trophies up for grabs (LCK Summer and Worlds 2024). With high anticipation, as Gen.G has already qualified for Worlds 2024 (after winning today), fans will be looking at them. This may be the start of a dynasty, as Chovy has finally broken the curse of not performing Internationally.

With MSI 2024 done and dusted, we now take a little break until all the leagues kick off and converge for Worlds 2024 a few months down the line.

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