Galaxy Slayer Zed Mythic Chroma: Price & Release Date

The Galaxy Slayer Zed skin is getting a Mythic Chroma.

The Odyssey skin line is a group of skins in an alternate universe of the champions being influential characters in a vast galactic universe in League of Legends. It is one of those skin lines that gains mixed feelings from most people. The skins are unique in their own right, given the theme and the sound effects and animations that come with them.

The Odyssey skin line has a myriad of skins in its arsenal. There are twelve skins in the skin line, with popular ones like Odyssey Malphite or Odyssey Jinx and many others like Odyssey Karma. Most of the skins in the cosmetic line are of epic rarity, but it also has two Legendary skins in Odyssey Kayn and Galaxy Slayer Zed.

Despite Galaxy Slayer Zed being a different name, it still belongs to the Odyssey skin line. Also, It is one of the two Legendary skins Zed has. The skin was released in 2019, and now Riot will introduce a Chroma for Galaxy Slayer Zed.

Not only that, the chroma is going to be of mythic rarity. It will have a different color scheme and such to show that it is a mythic chroma. Here is what we know about it so far.

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Galaxy Slayer Zed Mythic Chroma

Unlike the base model of Galaxy Slayer Zed with a multicolor theme, including its chromas, the mythic chroma will be of a purple hue. So far, we only have a model art for the chroma and an icon for it.

Spideraxe has also tweeted the chroma in the PBE server as it is being tested.

As you can see in both tweets, the chroma will be multicolored like the base skin and have extra effects. We will have to wait to see the mythic chroma in action to see how the effects are but if it is anything like the High Noon Senna Mythic Chroma in the past, expect many changes.

Mythic Chroma Price

Like the previous mythic chromas, Galaxy Slayer Zed Mythic Chroma will likely be 40 Mythic Essence in the Mythic Shop. The chroma will be in the Mythic Shop for a limited time.

Release Date

Galaxy Slayer Zed Mythic Chroma is expected to be added to the Mythic Shop in Patch 12.22. As the chroma is currently in the testing phase, we can expect it to be ready for Patch 12.22 when it comes out on November 17th, 2022.

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