Can G2 Perform Well At MSI 2023?

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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How will G2 perform at MSI in 2023? Let’s find out.

If you were to ask who is the most influential team in European League of Legends history, it would likely be G2 Esports. Formed in February 2014, the team has since become one of the most decorated teams in LEC history.

Over the years, the team has won multiple domestic titles and has accumulated over ten domestic titles to the organization’s name. In addition, G2 also won the 2019 MSI championship, which is the first MSI championship won by a Western team.

Despite G2’s achievements, the team has been struggling in International tournaments. And with another big international tournament right around the corner, fans have been asking how G2 will perform in MSI 2023.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the question and speculate how G2 might perform this MSI.

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Current State of G2

Before diving further into the topic, let’s discuss the current G2 roster. In Top Lane, we have BrokenBlade, in Jungle; we have Yike, Caps in the Mid Lane, Hans Sama, and Mikyx in the Bottom Lane.

When the roster was announced at the beginning of the Winter Split, the news was taken well by G2 fans. Top and Mid remained the same; the Bottom lane got a definite upgrade, and the only uncertainty was the rookie Jungler Yike. Since Yike had just replaced the veteran Jungler Jaknos, he had some big shoes to fill. But, the Swedish rookie proved us with some fantastic performances in Winter 2023 Split. G2 won the Split and secured their spot at MSI 2023.

Now we come to come the LEC 2023 Spring Split. In typical G2 fashion, G2 came third in the Regular season. It wasn’t really concerning because the team usually performs subpar in the regular stage and bounces back in the Group stage; this was also thought to be one of those cases.

In the first game of the group stage, G2 went head-to-head against KOI and surprisingly lost to them 1-2. The cracks in G2 felt like it was beginning to show. But, they preserved and climbed back into the playoffs stage by beating KOI 2-1.

Starting off, in the lower bracket Round 1, we have the G2 vs. Mad Lions. The series was very back and forth but ultimately took home the victory 3-2. Mad Lions then proceeded to win the whole thing by beating both Vitality and Team BDS, becoming the LEC Spring Split Champion.

Although G2 were the favorites to win it all, they underperformed, and Mad Lions, on the other hand, played phenomenally and deserved the win.

How Will G2 Perform at MSI 2023?

Now that we have all the context out of the way, we can get to the exciting part, G2 at MSI 2023.

Since G2 lost the Spring split, they must start from the Play-Ins stage. In their first match, they must face the Brazilian team LOUD in a best-of-three. If they win, they will likely face PSG Talon, and they should be able to beat them, thus taking G2 to the Bracket stage.

Things get interesting here; since the bracket stage is double elimination, predicting which team will advance is tough. Additionally, which team goes to which side of the bracket has not been revealed yet. It will be revealed after the Play-Ins have ended.

That said, this iteration of G2 has the highest skill ceiling out of all the other iterations of G2. So, it is likely they will perform very well in MSI.

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