G2 Esports Wins LEC Spring 2022 Playoffs

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The LEC Spring 2022 Playoffs are over as G2 Esports come out victorious in a splendid lower bracket run.

G2 Esports against the odds has come out as victors in the LEC Spring 2022. They went down to the lower brackets and then made a run to win the finals with a 12-0 record. It was remarkable enough that they won the finals but to do it with a spotless record is astounding. Although the opponents made plenty of blunders, G2 deserves a lot of credit for making this happen. Let’s talk about how they pulled it off.

How G2 Esports Made Their Lower Bracket Run

There were quite a few reasons G2 was able to win the finals by going through the lower brackets. People who spin narratives will refer back to their history of doing so, but this was different. When they went down to the lower bracket, G2 showed resilience as a team and the ability to adapt. Not many teams do that when the spotlight is on them but G2 rose quite a bit during the playoffs. Here are our most important reasons as to why G2 Esports is the LEC Spring 2022 Winners.

  1. Jankos
  2. Caps finding comfort
  3. BrokenBlade being more versatile
  4. Targamas and Flakked fulfilling their role

Jankos is enough of a reason to point to why G2 won. He has been the best jungler in EU for so long that people tend to forget he exists. Especially in G2, he was often overlooked at times. However, this whole run was possible because of Jankos on his influence. He pulled off a masterclass for most of the playoffs and young and aspiring junglers should definitely take a page out of his book and learn what it takes to be a top jungler. Jankos is undoubtedly the best jungler in the LEC and in our opinion, maybe even the best player the West has ever had.

Caps struggled in the regular season but at the start of the playoffs, he started coming online. Particularly on his Ahri, he has found a lot of plays that have won fights for G2. It’s a travesty why Rogue never tried to take it away from him. Regardless, Caps finding his stride and comfort in the playoffs definitely helped G2. While he is not as dominant as he was in the past, he is still an excellent player to have on a top team.

BrokenBlade was one other player that was starting to be a bit one-dimensional. It was to a point that everyone knew that all BrokenBlade would play is carries. However, he really flipped that narrative over its head when he pulled out the Ornn in particular. This shows that BrokenBlade has what it takes to be versatile and he has found a team where he can opt for those picks for the betterment of the team.

Flakked and Targamas definitely played their part in G2’s win. They did what was exactly asked of them and they had the confidence to go for plays. When you have a top side of the map that is as good as G2 does, the bot duo will definitely get chances to show up and show out.

G2 Esports Heading to MSI

Now that G2 is heading to MSI, let’s talk about whether they have a chance at winning it. While T1 is definitely going to be the favorite and behind them will be the LPL representative, it is kind off hard to see G2 winning. However, stranger things have happened in the past and we cannot put it past them.

Given the rumor that LPL might not attend MSI, G2 will have a bigger chance if it were to happen. Although, MSI could also be canceled so we do not know what Riot’s plan is going forward given new circumstances are surfacings.

Regardless, G2 is LEC’s best team for this split and it will be exciting to watch them grow as a team in MSI and further.

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