FunPlus Phoenix Worlds Championship Skins Revealed with Splash Arts

Riot Games has finally revealed the FunPlus Phoenix 2019 Worlds Championship skins.

FunPlus Phoenix won the 2019 World championship defeating G2 Esports 3-0. And like other champion teams, FunPlus Phoenix also had an option to choose on what champions they want skins. Back in January, Doinb had already confirmed that they have chosen Lee Sin, Vayne, Thresh, Malphite, and Gangplank for World 2019 skins. Finally, Riot Games has revealed the long waited FunPlus Phoenix Worlds 2019 skins.

All the FPX skins definitely have the Power Ranger vibe with both skin color tones and animations. Lee Sin’s animation looks clean, Vayn’s recall dance and specially Doinb dance on Malphite recall animation make the skins totally worth it. The skins are currently on PBE for testing and planned to hit live servers on patch 10.9. All the skins are 1350RP each.

FunPlus Phoenix 2019 Worlds Championship skins Splash Arts

FunPlus Phoenix 2019 Worlds Championship skins Splash Arts
Image Via Riot Games
splash art 2
Image Via Riot Games
splash art 3
Image Via Riot Games

FPX Gangplank

Image Via surrenderat20

FPX Lee Sin

FPX lee sin
Image Via surrenderat20

FPX Malphite

FPX malphite
Image Via surrenderat20

FPX Thresh

FPX thresh
Image Via surrenderat20

FPX Vayne

FPX vayne
Image Via surrenderat20


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