Fortnite x MrBeast Burger Collaboration Spotted at FNCS Invitational 2022

A possible Fortnite x MrBeast Burger collaboration is reportedly coming soon.

The FNCS Invitational has begun on November 12. This marks the return of in-person experience for a Fortnite tournament. Pro Fortnite players all around the world will be competing for a chance to win $1,000,000 in prize pool in teams of duos.

Fortnite fans will once again get to see pro players duke it out on the Fortnite map to see who are the best players. But, there was one more thing that caught the eyes of the eventgoers. Some Fortnite fans spotted a MrBeast Burger at the event.

This proves that a Fortnite x MrBeast Burger collaboration is happening right now. Hopefully, we will also see a collaboration in-game as well.

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Fortnite x MrBeast Burger:

At the FNCS 2022 Invitational, iFireMonkey spotted the MrBeast Burger collaboration. The Burger was sitting in front of a blue background, and the words “MrBeast Burger x Fortnite” was written on the wall.

Fortnite fans theorized that we might soon see a collaboration in-game as well. The collaboration could change the current Durr Burgers in-game into MrBeast Burger shops. At present, we do not have enough info to predict the scope of this supposed collaboration. We will be sure to publish follow-up news once more info comes to light.

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