All Arcane Season 2 Teasers Summarized

As season 2 of Arcane is on the Horizon, the series’ creators answer some long-anticipated questions from fans.

In late 2019, Riot Games released their 10th-anniversary video, announcing various new games and future projects. Furthermore, they announced they would make a show based on League of Legends and revealed that it would be named Arcane.

Arcane is a League of Legends-themed series animated by Fortiche under the supervision of Riot Games. Moreover, it is available on Netflix. Arcane is also one of the most popular and successful shows that Netflix has ever aired. As a 2021 surprise hit, it amassed a massive fanbase.

Arcane focuses on two fan-favorite characters, Vi and Jinx, and takes place in the fictional region, Piltover & Zaun. The story’s main plot revolves around the tension between the two cities and their conflicts. Other fan-favorite characters who appear are Jayce, Ekko, Heimerdinger, Singed, and Swain (mentioned). Furthermore, The best aspect of Arcane is that it appeals to both long-time League of Legends fans and individuals who have never heard of the game.

Arcane was indeed a cultural phenomenon, with a perfect 100% critics score and an extraordinary 96%audience score. Arcane was renewed for a second season due to its popularity.

As Arcane’s 1-Year anniversary event is happening right now, Riot Games have hosted a Reddit AMA. Furthermore, 2 of Arcane’s creators, Riot Skribbles and Riot Praeco, answered all of these questions. Since the most anticipated questions were season 2 related, the creators answered all of these questions.

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Arcane Season 2 Teasers

Season 2 Summarized in One Word

Riot Praeco: War

When fans asked Riot Praeco to summarize Arcane season 2 in one word, Riot Praeco replied with “war.” However, whether this war means Zaun vs. Piltover or Piltover & Zaun vs. Noxus (or any other region) is still unclear.

Riot Skribbles: Rubicon

Similarly, when fans asked Riot Scribbles to summarize Arcane season 2 in one word, he replied with “Rubicon.” There is a well-known idiom, “crossing the Rubicon,” which means “to pass the point of no return.” This word also has the same vibe as Riot Praeco’s word, war.

Caitlyn & Vi Ship?

When Reddit users asked Riot Skribbles if CaitVi shippers would be pleased with the upcoming season, he said there would be a part they would love, while there would also be another part they would despise.

More Ekko & Jinx in Arcane Season 2

When fans asked Riot Praeco if there would be more interactions between Ekko and Jinx, he replied, “Oh yes.” Furthermore, Riot Praeco also said there was supposed to be a scene in episode 7 where young Ekko tried to save Powder (Jinx) a couple of months after episode 3. It was supposed to be a very touching moment. But they couldn’t implement it due to budget and lack of time. So we might see this scene in Arcane Season 2.

Silco & Vander

When fans asked the creators if we would see younger Silco and Vander before the betrayal, Riot Praeco replied, “Yes, you will.” The question also asked if we would see Silco when he first took Jinx in. As both replies were affirmative, we can safely say that we will see more of Silco in season 2.

More Regions in Arcane Season 2?

Riot Praeco confirmed on Reddit that they wanted to explore more regions of Runeterra. But he added that it would take more time as they want to earn their way to the larger worldview first. So he assured the fans that it is coming in the future. More regions might not come in season 2, but we might see more regions in season 3. Furthermore, he also stated that he is interested in working on Freljord, Ionia & Noxus.

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