Fortnite v18.30 Patch Notes: Boogie Bomb Vs Combat Shotgun, Mountain Base Landmark, Bug Fixes, and More

Nawshad Noor
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Find out everything new in Fortnite’s recent v18.30 update.

Fortnite v18.30 update just went live recently and the downtime is already over. Fortnite players all around the world are finishing their download and jumping into the game to enjoy the new features this update has to offer.

The new update brought 2 new weapons, the Ice Grappler and a new Combat Pistol and these are currently in-game right now. We also have some upcoming unvaultings, a new Landmark, power leveling, and more.

Fortnite recently released a blog post that covers the new things that came to the game after the Fortnite 18.30 update. Below you will find everything important explained in the Fortnite 18.30 patch notes.

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Fortnite 18.30 Patch Notes:

War Effort: Boogie Bomb Vs Combat Shotgun:

Fortnite players will get to vote to bring back either the Boogie Bomb or the Combat Shotgun. The one that receives 100% funding first will be unvaulted and added to Fortnite.

“Choose to unvault the Boogie Bomb and send your foes into a dancing frenzy or blast ‘em back with the Combat Shotgun!

Chip in Bars at Donation Stations across the Island to help your favorite item reach 100% Funded first, becoming the one that the war effort manufactures for the Island.”

New Landmark: Mountain Base:

The Bunker near Catty Corner was closed for what seemed like forever. There were a lot of theories about this bunker and what it held. Some speculated that this Bunker was related to Fortnite Save the World in some way while others crafted different theories.

But finally Epic decided to open the Bunker and also make it a Landmark. The name of the Landmark is “Mountain base” and it is an IO base. Inside, players will find Doctor Sloane and her IO guards.

“You know that door that’s been sealed at the mountain near Catty Corner? Well, it’s finally opened up, uncovering an IO base! Drop in for a visit, but make sure you’re prepared to fend against Doctor Slone and her guards.”

Fortnite Mountain Base

Convergence Construction:

At first, all the cubes converged at the center of the Fortnite map, and a Cube Town was formed. Recent leaks suggest that the Convergence at the center of the map is slowly forming a Pyramid of some sort. Now, the next phase of this construction is complete after Fortnite 18.30 update

Cube Queen Outfit and Quests:

The Cube Queen is the secret skin of Fortnite Season 8. Today at around 9 AM ET the Cube Queen skin and her questline will go live. Players can then complete these quests to unlock her and many other cosmetics from the Long Live the Queen Set.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue involving the Sideways Scythe’s “Smash Attack” ability resulting in fall damage if players used it from a high point.
  • Fixed an issue involving the red dot indicator no longer showing on the compass when enemies were firing.

Power Leveling Weekend:

The 2nd power leveling weekend starts on October 29 at 7 PM ET – November 1 at 7 AM ET.

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