Fortnite v17.30 Update: Download Sizes for All Platforms Revealed

Fortnite 17.30 update download size for all platforms has finally been revealed.

Fortnite recently dropped the v17.30 update but the servers are still under maintenance. Players all around the world will have to download the update first and then wait for the downtime to finish before jumping in.

For people with fast internet, this is no problem as their download will finish in a few minutes. But there are some people who have very bad internet and need to plan their updates ahead of schedule.

Recently the Fortnite PC update has come out which makes the update available for download on all platforms. Below you can find the download size of all platforms for Fortnite 17.30 update.

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Fortnite v17.30 download size:

Fortnite v17.30 update’s download sizes are-

– PC: 2.92 GB

– PS4: 4.9 GB

– PS5: 3.6 GB

– Xbox: 4 GB

– Switch: 1.5 GB

– Android: 1.1 GB

These update sizes are thanks to StreakyFly on Twitter. Some of these values may differ for some people but the size shouldn’t vary too much.

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