Fortnite Insider Claims Epic Games has Already Acquired Rights to use Naruto

A supposed Fortnite insider claims that Epic Games recently acquired the rights to use Naruto in Fortnite.

A few weeks ago a person claiming to be a Fortnite insider revealed some shocking leaks about the upcoming Fortnite Season 8 among other things. The insider apparently contacted mods from the Fortnite Leaks subreddit with the leaks. This same insider apparently was correct about a lot of things about previous Fortnite Seasons.

The previous leak talked about the Ariana Grande Concert, Justice League, Suicide Squad coming to Fortnite, and many other leaks. At that time the insider said that Epic Games was trying to get the rights to use Naruto in Fortnite. But in a recent claim, the leaker said that Epic Games was successful in doing just that.

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Fortnite Insider Leak:

Recently the supposed Fortnite insider claimed that Epic Games has successfully acquired the rights to use Naruto in Fortnite. Epic is apparently trying to incorporate Naturo in the Season 8 Battle Pass.

Fortnite leaker iFiremonkey recently posted on his Twitter account about this supposed collaboration. The Tweet reads,

“According to a new public post by the moderators of r/FortniteLeaks, the source who provided them with information about Naruto has now 100% confirmed that Epic was able to obtain the rights for Naruto.

Epic Games is apparently now trying to include him in the next Battle Pass.”

So we might very well see Naturo coming to Fortnite in the Next Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass. But it is still too early to say anything as Epic Games has yet to officially announce anything.

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