Fortnite Upcoming UI Changes Leaked

Fortnite’s UI is about to possibly change once again.

Fortnite’s UI has changed many times over the Years. Epic Likes to change the UI in Fortnite after almost every season to give players a feeling of refreshment. Sometimes UI changes are made to improve stats showed and sometimes it’s done for aesthetics reasons.

Seem like Epic has decided to make some changes to Fortnite’s current UI and it might be coming as soon as the next update.

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Fortnite Possible UI Changes:

Fortnite is not doing a complete overhaul of the UI as they do before almost every new season. Rather the change is focused on a specific portion. The upcoming UI changes might be focused on how challenges are displayed.

Currently, Fortnite’s Challenges are shown with a rarity indicator to the left followed by the challenges and at the end the amount of XP rewards. But that might soon change.

Fortnite Current Challenges UI
Fortnite Current Challenges UI

Fortnite leaker TigerHyperX recently made a render of how the upcoming UI changes might look like. From the render, we can see that the overall look of the challenges tab is going to change to something more modern looking. A full image of the NPC can be seen on the left side of the challenge UI followed by the actual challenge. The challenge XP rewards seem to have moved from the right side to the bottom.

Fortnite possible UI changes
Fortnite possible UI changes Credit: TigerHypeX Twitter

But take all of this with a grain of salt as usual. The render is just an interpretation of what the upcoming UI changes might look like. The actual changes might look totally different upon the final release.

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