Fortnite Pro Freemok Smashes Hand after Getting Banned from FNCS

Fortnite Pro player recently smashed his hand in anger after his whole team was banned from FNCS.

Fortnite Pro Freemok and his teammates were recently participating in the current FNCS Tournament. During the tournament, some drama occurred between Freemok’s team and K1nzell, Wak1e, and IDropfn’s team.

K1nzell’s team might have dropped at the same POI as Freemok’s team and contested them. Because Freemok’s teammate LMNX 97Default soon took a swing at them on Twitter. In the Tweet, 97Default made the following Tweet.

Credit: DodgeMyRoast Reddit Post

The tweet is a bit hard to understand but a Reddit user went to the trouble of making sense of the Tweet by 97Default.

Credit: OG_IndoBoi reddit

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Freemok and his Whole Team Disqualified:

97Default soon apologized to IDrop, wak1e, k1nzell in a Twitlonger post. In the post, he apologized for his words.

He also pleaded to be able to play the 2nd stage of the FNCS finals,

“I’m really ashamed. However, I can’t believe that I will meet the final in disqualification. How many skirmishes and conflicts have there been besides me over the years? Please enter the position, and give the opportunity to play at least the 2nd stage of FNCS.”

He also made a similar explanation on his Twitter page as well which is roughly similar to the Twitlonger response with additional lines.

97Default Twitter response
97Default Twitter response Credit:97Default Twitter

Soon his whole team was disqualified from participating in the FNCS and 97Default was also issued a Behavior Warning which said,

“Due to your recent actions, you have been issued a competitive warning for
(8.1.2 Players muist be respectful of other players)”

Freemok Smashes his Hand:

Freemok, one of 97Default’s teammate did not take the disqualification lightly. Apparently, he smashed his hand and broke it.

Freemok made a follow-up Tweet giving us an update on the condition of his hands. Apparently, his hand was just bleeding and his bones were not broken.

After everything is said and done 97Default and Freemok both have probably understood that all they can do now is look to the future and forget about this mistake.

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