Fortnite November 9 Hotfix Patch Notes: New Combat Pistol, Sideways Rifle Buff & More

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite’s recent November 9 hotfix added the Combat Pistol to the game along with improvements made to the Sideways Rifle.

The Sideways Rifle came out at the beginning of Fortnite Season 8. Unlike other guns in Fortnite, The Sideways weapons don’t have a reload mechanic. Instead, they work on a heat dissipation system. But many players didn’t like the Sideways Rifle because of its slow fire rate and inaccuracy.

But that all changes today as Epic Games recently released a hotfix making some adjustments to the Sideways Rifle. The Hotfix also includes the new Combat Pistol and new Shadow Ops NPC. Below you will learn everything important about the November 9 Fortnite Hotfix.

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Fortnite November 9 Hotfix:

Combat Pistol:

The new Combat Pistol has already been added to the game in the recent Hotfix. There is no funding necessary for this weapon as it has already been manufactured. The Combat Pistol has a tight bullet spread but high recoil like the Combat Assault Rifle.

Fortnite New Combat Pistol
Fortnite New Combat Pistol Credit: Epic Games

“Like the Combat Assault Rifle, the Combat Pistol sports a tight bullet spread and exceptional power. This power coincides with strong recoil, so it takes a savvy yielder to fire its full potential.”

Below you will find an image showing the stats of all rarities of the combat pistol.

Fortnite COmbat Pistol stats
Fortnite COmbat Pistol stats Credit: HYPEX Twitter/ Epic Games

SideWays Rifle Adjustments:

The Sideways Rifle also got buffed in the recent Hotfix. Now, when the Sideways Rifle is about to overheat, it goes into a superpowered state. In this state, the Rifle has a faster fire rate and is more accurate. Epic also made it so that the Sideways Rifle stays in this state for longer before overheating.

“The Sideways Rifle has seen some refinements! It now reaches its superpowered state (or “close to overheating” state) faster, stays there longer, and is more accurate. Pick one up and take advantage of these changes.”

New Shadow Ops NPC:

Shadow Ops is now an NPC in Fortnite and also has punchcard missions. She can be found in Lazy Lake.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.