Fortnite New Free PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack is Out Now

Fortnite recently announced a new PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack that includes a glider, contrail and a traversal emote.

PlayStation Fortnite players are once again getting some free rewards. Every few months Epic Games and PlayStation announce a new PlayStation Pack that includes free rewards for PlayStation Plus users. Usually, these Playstation Packs include exclusive skins, emotes, gliders, contrails, emotes, and other cosmetic items.

And just a few hours ago PlayStation announced the latest free Fortnite reward bundle called the “Fortnite – PlayStation®Plus Celebration Pack”. This pack is free to claim for all PSPlus owners and details about it is given below including how to claim it.

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Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack Items:

This time around the PlayStation Plus Pack does not contain a free skin. The items this time are a glider, contrail and a traversal emote.

The PlaysSation Pack contains the following items-

– Blue Viper Glider
– Cobalt Cloudbreak Contrail
– Square Up Emote

Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack items
Fortnite Celebration Pack items Credit: Epic Games/Sony

The Blue Viper Glider is reactive and has an altitude display screen while the Square Up emote is traversal. Below is a video showing the Square Up emote in action.

How to Claim the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack:

PlayStation Plus owners can easily get the PlayStation Plus Pack rewards. You can go to the PlayStation Store from your console and search for the pack and claim it. You can also claim it by visiting the Official PlayStation Website and clicking the claim button and following the prompts.

Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack claim page
Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack claim page Credit: PlayStation website

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