Fortnite Leak Reveals Upcoming Skins including J Balvin, Will Smith, and Morty

Some recent Fortnite leaks have revealed upcoming Fortnite collaboration skins including J Balvin, Will Smith, and Morty.

Fortnite recently dropped the v17.40 update. As soon as the downtime ended for the update, Fortnite leakers started datamining new skins that were added to the game files. Initially, the data miners did not find that many new skins after the update. But a day later some new collaborating skins have been found thanks to some leakers.

The new skins that were found include J Balvin, Will Smith, and Morty skin. There were also some emotes leaked at the same time as well.

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J Balvin Skin:

Fortnite leaker HYPEX and Not0fficer found the decrypted J Balvin skin in the game files. The skin also comes with three variants and can be seen below-

There will also be a J Balvin emote coming to Fortnite.

Will Smith Skin:

A Will Smith skin was also leaked along with the J Balvin skin. The skin is from the hit movie series Bad Boys.

Ninja Wolf Skin:

A skin called “Ninja Wolf” is also among the upcoming Fortnite skins. According to HYPEX, this could be the next Fortnite Crew Pack skin.

Morty Skin:

A Mec driving Morty skin is also coming to Fortnite sometime in the near future. Morty’s Pickaxe will be the Space Snake from Season 4 Episode 5. The “Get Schwifty” emote from Rick and Morty will also be in the Fortnite item shop.

janky Skin:

A skin called “Janky” was also among the leaked skins.

“Bim Bam toi” emote by Carla will be also be coming to Fortnite according to the leaks. It can be seen below-

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