Fortnite Korea Teases Something Big Coming on April 9th

Recently Fortnite Korea tweeted about something big coming to Fortnite on April 9th.

Fortnite Season 6 just started a few weeks ago and players are busy grinding out the Battle Pass. Season 6 made the whole island go back to the primal world. The new weapons introduced in this season reflect the very essence of primal and primitive. Compared to the previous modern weapons these weapons do less damage, are very inaccurate, and also have less ammo in magazines.

There is also a new crafting system and wild animals that can be tamed. These new features keep players a little bit busy at the start of the game so the endgame lobbies are a little bit enjoyable now. Overall this season seems to be going very well compared to the last few seasons where we only had collaborations and minimal map changes.

Seems like the Season is only going to get more interesting as recently Fortnite Korea Twitter account teased something interesting.

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Fortnite Korea Teases Something Big:

The following image was Tweeted by Fortnite Korea recently. The image shows a Llama and the default pickaxe from Fortnite Chapter 1. Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR translated the message and it is apparently teasing something for April 9. ShiinaBr’s tweet reads,

“Fortnite Korea has posted this image earlier today and they are teasing something for April 9.
Currently, it’s not known what they will announce or if the announcement is only relevant for Fortnite Korea, but it’s still interesting to know for now.”

Another Fortnite leaker FitzyLeakz made a translated version of the Tweet. The translated image shows the full date to be Friday, April 9, 7 P.M.

Now we don’t have enough clues on this to reach any certain conclusion. This event could be some sort of collaboration exclusive to Korea or could be open for all. The image could also mean a collaboration between Fortnite battle royale and Fortnite STW. But all this is still just speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt.

We will revise this article once new info comes to light related to this topic.

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