Fortnite France Accidentally Leaked the Cartoon Meowscles Skin Early

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite France Twitter account accidentally revealed the upcoming Cartoon Meowscles skin.

The original Meowscles skin was from the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass. Recently a few days ago Fortnite data miners recovered hints related to the Cartoon Meowscles skin. A spray was found that showed the Cartoon Meowscles skin.

Fortnite spray hinting at a Cartoon Meowscles skin
Fortnite spray hinting at a Cartoon Meowscles skin Credit: Epic Games

Recently Fortnite Twitter account also teased the Cartoon Meowscles skin in a post. The Tweet reads,

“It looks like curiosity sure got the best of this cat.
What kind of trouble is our pal Meowscles getting into now?
To be continued…”

Apparently, we were supposed to get some more teasers for the upcoming Meowscles skin before its actual reveal but Fortnite France revealed the skin early.

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Cartoon Meowscles Skin Reveal:

Fortnite France recently accidentally uploaded the Cartoon Meowscles skin reveal video ahead of its schedule. Players were quick to catch on to the mistake and spread the video everywhere. Below is the Meowscles reveal video that Fortnite France accidentally revealed.

In the video, Cartoon Meowscles is doing an emote and it’s apparently going to be the built-in emote of the skin and the music we hear in the video might be associated with the emote. Fortnite data miner iForeMonkey thinks that the music will not be part of the built-in emote but another Fortnite data miner FN_Assists thinks otherwise.

In the above Tweet, we can see the original post from Fortnite France’s official Twitter account that has now been deleted.

The skin’s release date is still uncertain but the skin will likely release soon. The Cartoon Meowscles skin might be part of a bundle. In the Cartoon Meowscles spray mentioned at the top of this article, we can see a Cartoon version of Meowscles, Peely and Fishstick duking it out. More info on this matter as soon as it comes to light.

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