Fortnite BanderitaX Cup: Schedule, Format, Prize Distribution, Scoring System, and more

Fortnite recently announced the BanderitaX cup for the Middle East Region.

Fortnite has once again organized a specialized tournament. The tournament is called the BanderitaX Cup and it is exclusive to Middle East region Fortnite players. Recently Epic released a detailed blog post about the BanderitaX Cup.

Below you can find all the important details about the upcoming Fortnite BanderitaX Cup including its schedule, format, prize distribution, scoring system, and more.

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Fortnite BanderitaX Cup:


The BanderitaX Cup is scheduled for May 4th, 2021 for players of the Middle East region. The actual timing of the tournament will be announced under the compete tab in-game.


In the BanderitaX Cup, each team will consist of 4 players meaning it will be a squads tournament. All players in a squad must be rank in the Open League (Division I, II, or III) or higher within Arena in their respective region before the start of the event to qualify.

The tournament will last approximately 3 hours and players are permitted to play a maximum of 10 matches. Teams will earn points based on the scoring system mentioned below and at the end of the event, the teams with the highest points will receive the prizes.

Scoring System:


Victory Royale: 25 Points
2nd: 24 Points
3rd: 23 Points
4th: 22 Points
5th: 21 Points
6th: 20 Points
7th: 19 Points
8th: 18 Points
9th: 17 Points
10th: 16 Points
11th: 15 Points
12th: 14 Points
13th: 13 Points
14th: 12 Points
15th: 11 Points
16th: 10 Points
17th: 9 Points
18th: 8 Points
19th: 7 Points
20th: 6 Points
21st: 5 Points
22nd: 4 Points
23rd: 3 Points
24th: 2 Points
25th: 1 Points

Each Elimination: 1 Point

Prize Distribution:

Event Prizes – Middle East

Rank                Prize
1st            $2,000
2nd           $1,300
3rd           $1,000
4th           $900
5th – 10th    $800

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