Fortnite Fortnitemares PVE Cup: Schedule, Free Cosmetics, Format, Scoring System, Prize Distribution, and More

Fortnite recently announced its first-ever PVE tournament as part of Fortnitemares 2021.

Fortnite 18.21 update dropped recently and it brought back the fan-favorite LTM Horde Rush. In Horde Rush, players have to survive against hordes of AI cube monsters. In the end, a Caretaker boss enemy appears that players must takedown to get the win.

This game mode is so hyped that Fortnite decided to turn it into a PVE tournament. Fortnitemares Cup will be the first-ever PVE tournament that Epic has ever hosted. Recently Epic Games release a blog post with details of the Fortnitemare Cup.

Below you will find all details about the upcoming Fortnitemares Cup including its schedule, Format, Scoring System Prize Distribution, and more.

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Fortnitemares Cup Details:


The Fortnitemares Cup will start on October 23rd: 05:00 UTC and run until October 24th: 17:00 UTC for all regions. The event will be accessible from the ingame compete tab.


The Fortnitemares Cup will be played in a team of 4. Players need to form the party before starting the tournament as party fill is not available.

The Fortnitemares Cup will run for approximately 36 hours and participating teams will be able to play a maximum of 5 matches. Teams will get points based on the scoring system listed below. At the end of the 36 hour period, the teams with points as mentioned in the Prize Distribution section will be eligible for the prize.

Scoring System:

For every 1000 Team Score achieved in a match, a team will be awarded 1 Point

Prize Distribution:

The Prize Distribution for the Fortnitemares Cup is given below-

Score       Prize
2000 pts    “Ghoul-d Game, Feeling Wrathful and Feel My Wrath” In-Game Cosmetic Emoticon, Spray, and Loading Screen
1000 pts    “Feeling Wrathful and Feel My Wrath” In-Game Cosmetic Spray and Loading Screen
500 pts    “Feel My Wrath” In-Game Cosmetic Loading Screen

Prizes may take up to 3 weeks or longer to award for all players.

For more details about the Fortnitemares Cup read the official rules.

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