Fortnite v18.21 Patch Notes: Convergence, Caretaker Enemies, Scythe Melee, Horde Rush LTM, Free Cosmetics, Power Leveling Weekends, and More

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Everything new in the Fortnite 18.21 update including Convergence POI, Caretaker enemies, Scythe Melee weapon, Horde Rush LTM return, Power Leveling Weekends, and more.

Fortnite v18.21 update just dropped recently and the downtime is finally over. The new update brings lots of new things to the island for players to explore. Fortnitemares is also in full swing this week, as we have Halloween-themed decorations and items coming back.

Epic Games recently released a detailed blog post with all the details of the new update. Below you will find everything new in the Fortnite v18.21 patch notes.

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Fortnite v18.21 Patch Notes:

The Cube Queen has finally arrived on the Fortnite island and has unleashed her wrath. She is the new NPC Boss and can be found in the Convergence POI located at the center of the map.

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The Convergence POI:

Since the beginning of Fortnite Season 8, the cubes have been making their way to the center of the Fortnite map. Finally, their journey has come to an end and the Cube Queen has arrived. The arrival of the Cube Queen has turned the center of the Fortnite map into a Cube Town called the Convergence.

Caretaker Enemies:

The Cube Queen has brought her strongest warriors the “Caretakers” to take over the Fortnite island. These monsters are even bigger than the Mechs from Fortnite Season X.

“You’ve come across the Cubes and fought back the Cube Monsters, but a new force has joined their ranks: Caretakers are The Cube Queen’s strongest warriors yet. Tall, foreboding, shadowy apparitions, their spectral tendrils pull you directly into The Sideways for a showdown on their home turf. Survive a Caretaker’s assault and you’ll walk away all the richer.”

Sideways Scythe Melee Weapon:

The Sideways Scythe is the new melee weapon introduced with the release of the Fortnite v18.21 update. The Witch Brooms and the Pumpkin Rocket Launchers are also back as part of Fortnitemares 2021.

Below are the stats for the new Sideways Scythe Melee Weapon.

Fortnite Sideways Scythe Melee Weapon stats all rarity
Fortnite Sideways Scythe Melee Weapon stats all rarity Credit: HYPEX

Horde Rush LTM Returns:

One of the fan-favorite LTM Horde Rush is back once again. This time, Fortnite players will have to fight the new Cube monsters in the Horder Rush LTM.

“Fight alongside your teammates to rack up your score by finding score multipliers, earning combos, and eliminating as many monsters as you can. To win, survive at locations across the map and take down the Final Boss!”

The Horde Rush LTM will be live starting from October 19 at 9 AM ET to November 2 at 9 AM ET. There are also quests that players can complete to earn free cosmetics rewards. The Horde Rush free cosmetics are-

  • Thinking Juice Back Bling
  • Cube Queen Banner
  • Cuddle Scream Leader Spray

There will also be a Horde Rush Tournament in the future for even more free cosmetics.

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Oracle, Ariana Grande and Ghostbusters Quest:

Complete some more special quests from an Oracle, Ariana Grande, and Ghostbusters to earn even more free rewards. Starting from October 19 at 9 AM ET to November 2 at 9 AM ET, Hollowhead will present you the Fortnitemares Punchcard.

1. Complete general Fortnitemares Quests to unlock the Raven’s Curse Spray, the Midnight Showdown Loading Screen, and Wrathful Breakout Contrail

2. Ariana Grande has returned to the Island, but now in new gear ready to take down monsters. “Spacefarer Ariana Grande,” the galaxy’s greatest monster hunter, is inviting you to join her hunt. Complete her Monster Hunter Questline to unlock the new All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe (Dark Style)!

Fortnite Crew pack subscribers can unlock the free Brite Style of the All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe.

3. Scrolls tell of the Spirit Vessel, a powerful artifact that can restore Dark Jonesy’s visions. Help Dark Jonesy in his The Oracle Speaks Questline to unlock the Cube Cruiser Glider, an unfolded Cube you can ride on!

Completing the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife Punchard missions will award players with the No Ghost Back Bling for free.

PunchCard XP Increased and Power Leveling Weekend:

Following player concerns, Epic has once again increased the XP gain from Daily and Weekly Punchcards. Each Daily Punchcard reward has recently been upgraded to 45,000 XP (previously 30,000 XP) while completing Quests in your Weekly Punchcard rewards 75,000 XP (previously 50,000 XP). Some new weekly quests have been added that rotate weekly replacing the previous “Spend Bars” and “Place Top 10 with Friends”.

Fortnitemares 2021 also brings back Power Leveling weekends. There will be two Power Leveling Weekends back to back starting from October 22 at 7 PM ET – October 25 at 7 AM ET and October 29 at 7 PM ET – November 1 at 7 AM ET.

This XP bonus can be used whenever you play but can only be obtained during Fortnitemares 2021.

Fortnite Battle Royale Bug Fix:

“Fixed an issue that caused us to disable Shotguns in Team Rumble. Shotguns are now re-enabled in the mode.”

Fortnitemares 2021 Papercraft Cosplay:

The Fortnite papercraft cosplay is back with new masks and figures. Visit the Official Epic Games Fortnitemares 2021 Papercraft website to start building your own Fortnite papercraft masks and figures.

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