Fortnite v18.20 Update: All New Leaked Skins and Cosmetic Items

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

All the newly leaked cosmetics items after the Fortnite v18.20 update.

Fortnite 18.20 update just dropped recently and the downtime has already ended. But the in-game content aside, a lot of the Fortnite playerbase is eager to see the newly leaked skins that are found after data mining.

In this new update, we got a bunch of new Fortnitemares skins along with Bundles and additional styles for previous item shop skins. Additionally, some new Backblings, Loading Screens, Pickaxes, Sprays were also leaked.

Below you will find all the newly leaked skins after the Fortnite 18.20 update, so you can make educated purchases.

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Fortnite 18.20 Leaked Skins and Cosmetics:

New Skins:

The video below shows all the newly leaked skins found in the game files after the Fortnite 18.20 update.

Additionally, Fortnite teased another skin in one of the leaked Loading Screens. The Remix Dusk skin was in a recent skin survey sent to select Fortnite players. And the recent Loading Screen teased it so there is a high possibility that we might get it soon.

Fortnite Remix Dusk Skin
Fortnite Remix Dusk Skin Credit: HYPEX/Epic Games

The Shadow Midas skin also got an update after the recent update. Not it is reactive and has a Golden Hand and a Dark Hand. The skin reacts to the number of eliminations.

Free Fortnitemares Challenge Rewards:

New Skin Bundles:

Fortnite data miners found 5 new skin bundles after the 18.20 update.

Free Skin Styles:

The Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger got Gold edit styles. On the other hand, the Sanctum and Big Mouth skins got Halloween edit styles. Players who already own these skins will get the styles for free.

New Gliders:

New Pickaxes:

New Weapon Wraps:

New backblings:

New Loading Screens:

Two new loading screens were found in the Fortnite 18.20 update. The left one is from the Fortnite Crew pack while the right one is new. The right loading screen shows the unreleased encrypted Remix Dusk skin.

New Sprays:

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.