FNAF: Security Breach: How to Turn on All The Generators In Daycare

Here’s how you can come alive from Daycare.

During the Daycare mission, after you pick up the Security Badge, the entire area in Daycare will be full of darkness. After this, Sundrop will become Moondrop and hunt you like a monster in your bad dreams. However, to end this nightmare, you will need to activate all five generators inside the room to get the lights back on and transform Moondrop to Sundrop again. So below, we have made a complete guide on how you can turn on all the Generators in Daycare.

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How to Turn on All The Generators In Daycare

As soon as the lights go out, head straight and then right to enter the children’s playing area. After entering the play area, turn left to find the first generator. From there, move up the ramp and go down the road. You will see a blue tube side to the left; after that, keep moving straight till you get to another blue slide. After that, jump down, and you will see the second generator.

Moving on, take a left from the second generator, keep following the cable to the center of the play area, head straight to the next pack of cables, and turn right. Here you will see the third generator. The fourth generator will be just beside the top of the center of the play area, and you can get to it by following the path that goes upwards.

The last and the fifth generator will be across the red bridge. First, keep straight from the fourth generator till you reach the stair. Now head up the stairs and across the red bridge and down the path located there. Follow the cables you see there, leading you to the generator.

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