FNAF: Security Breach – How To Get The Hoodie Upgrade

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Here is how you can get the Hoodie Upgrade.

Apart from Passes and items that let you get access to new areas, Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach also has upgrades you can get throughout the game map. Promotions and items in the game can help you get past the animatronics, and The Hoodie upgrade will make you undetectable and harder to notice. Moreover, we have created a complete guide on how you can obtain the Hoodie Upgrade in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

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How to get The Hoodie Upgrade in FNAF: Security Breach

To get the Hoodie Upgrade, players must first obtain a Level 5 Security Pass. You can find the level 5 Security Pass inside the security offices of Fazerblast or Monty Golf. It will be present in either area depending on which party passes you went after.

You can find both of the upgrades on the desk of each respective office. After coming out of the elevator, the Fazerblast office can be located left of the gift shop. Furthermore, in the Monty Golf area, you will find the office just beside the corner of Mounty’s Grub restaurant.

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Once you have the Security Pass enter the Level 5 security door in Let’s Eat Bakery area, the Security door will be located inside the Kitchen of the Bakery. So first, what you can do is get to the Sodrani Hallway and walk till the end.

The Bakery’s Kitchen should be in the back of this area. Now go inside the kitchen, and you will see a Level 5 Security Door just left off when you enter it. Inside the room, there will be a washroom, and there will be a present with the Hoodie upgrade inside it.

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