FNAF: Security Breach: How To Activate Main Stage

Here is how you can activate the Main Stage.

When you are on the showtime mission in FNAFL Security Breach, you must activate the Main Stage. In the horror Survival game, there are a lot of different missions where you will have to figure out what to do. In Fact, these missions can be challenging and confusing to deal with at times. So we have made a complete guide on how to activate the Main Stage in FNAF: Security Stage.

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How to Activate the Main Stage in FNAF: Security Breach

When the Mission starts, players will find themselves on the Fourth floor, and you will need to follow Freddy to get to the Main Stage. After you are on the stage, Freddy will tell you to activate the Performance Disk. Players will need to head to the third-Floor Balcony to do that.

Go up the first escalator from the main stage right beside the pizza shop to reach the third floor. After you reach the top using the escalator, turn right and make sure to avoid the animatronics and security bots.

Go straight and go up two more escalators until you reach the third-floor area where you can read “PRIZES.” Furthermore, now head over to the Sound Booth and activate the Showtime Disk to activate the Main Stage.

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