Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox Will Get Its Own Currency For Microtransactions

Himel Mahmud
By Himel Mahmud
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Credit: Square Enix

Players on the Xbox version of Final Fantasy 14 will use a separate currency to pay for services and optional items.

Square Enix has revealed that players who will play Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox consoles will need to use a new currency called ‘FFXIV Coins’ for microtransactions and other services in the game. Players will have to buy FFXIV Coins with real money to make purchases on the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store and the Mog Station.

In Final Fantasy 14, players can purchase various items for the game, including furniture, costumes, mounts, emotes, weapons, and minions, through the Online Store. Meanwhile, the players can purchase additional services, add game time to their subscriptions, and upgrade to the full version of the game with the Mog Station.

Final Fantasy 14 | Credit: Square Enix
Final Fantasy 14 | Credit: Square Enix

Payment for service fees and optional item purchases will require FFXIV Coins, which can be purchased from the Microsoft Store. Please purchase FFXIV Coins before using the Mog Station or FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store.

After purchasing FFXIV Coins from the Microsoft Store, log into the Xbox Series X|S version of FINAL FANTASY XIV to have the purchased FFXIV Coins credited to your Square Enix Account. You will not be able to use the purchased FFXIV Coins until you log in, so please be sure to log in after purchasing FFXIV Coins.

Squre Enix on FFXIV Coins

According to Square Enix’s announcement, players on the Xbox Series X/S version can only purchase FFXIV Coins, which they can then spend on the Mog Station and Online Store. However, players who log in with different accounts on different platforms can continue making real money purchases on the website, which will transfer to the Xbox version.

Final Fantasy 14 will be released for Xbox Series X/S on March 21, 2024.

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