Fighter Mythics Are Getting Some Changes After MSI 2023

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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It seems Fighters are getting more changes as Mythic items for that class of champions are adjusting after MSI 2023.

Fighters have been a target of a number of changes this year in League of Legends. Whether directly or indirectly, Riot put an emphasis on making them weaker or stronger. Fighters were the strongest champion class in the top lane at the start of the season. The Jax rework propelled things forward with the presence of Renekton, K’Sante, and more.

Then in Patch 13.1B, Riot started to nerf the Fighter class. With nerfs to champions and items used, Riot started to tilt the balance toward tanks. These changes went from balancing the champion class to making them weaker and not that impactful in the solo queue.

This has caused the top lane to be less impactful in solo queue games despite what pro play shows. Tanks have become the norm, and the only fighters that are viable are the champions that use Divine Sunderer. In Patch 13.7, Death’s Dance got reverted to take it back to its old power state. However, it seems that Riot doesn’t deem it enough, as Fighter Mythics could be changing after MSI. Here is what we know so far.

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Fighter Mythic Changes

Riot Axes commented on a Reddit post talking about Fighter Mythic Changes after MSI 2023. His examples are either nerfing Divine Sunderer or buffing the non-Sunderer Mythics. However, no major changes are planned regarding this for the next few months. It will be simple changes according to Riot Axes.

Riot Axes did mention the fact that they will talk about Fighter Items soon as the system seems not to have much of a distinction. In one of his comments, Riot Axes talks about Fighter Mythics being made for stats and nothing else. So that distinction is important for a player base, and the current system certainly lacks that, barring Divine Sunderer.

Hence, it will be a waiting game to see Riot’s full response on the issue and how much of a change we will see in the upcoming Preseason. Only time will tell as to which direction Riot will take it. For now, all we know is that there will be some changes coming to Fighter Mythics post-MSI just to balance things out.

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