FFXIV Endwalker: How to Unlock the Pandaemonium Raids

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Here is how you should Start the Pandaemonium Raids.

The fourth expansion pack to Final Fantasy XIV has new things for players to do and explore. The main story follows the long-going story with new battles and enemies to face. Players can also do Pandaemonium raids to add new items to your gear list. Moreover, below we have made a complete guide on how to unlock Pandaemonium Raids FFXIV.

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How To Unlock Pandaemonium Raids in FFXIV

Patch 6.01 is now live for Final Fantasy XIV. Along with the patch, players can now start doing Pandaemonium Raids. The first requirement to unlock Raids is, your character has to be at least on Level 90, and you will have to finish the Endwalker main scenario quest. If you have done that already, you will have to start a quest called “The Crystal from Beyond.”

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To do the quest, you will have to talk with an NPC named Nemjiji, and you can find him the Old Sharlayan at coordinates X:9.5, Y:12. Interact with him to accept the quest and follow the objective to unlock the raids. You will unlock the raids in a sequence and access them through the Duty Finder. More raids will come as the story goes on, and Square Enix updates the game for future content.

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