FFXIV Endwalker: How to Obtain Ophiotauros Hide

Here is how you can obtain the Ophiotauros Hide.

The brand new Expansion Pack for FFXIV is out now, and there is so much for fans to look forward to playing. Alongside a whole new story, there are tons of hours fans can spend just exploring and doing missions. You can also choose to farm different kinds of items and resources. Furthermore, we have made a complete guide on obtaining the Ophiotauros Hide.

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How to Obtain the Ophiotauros Hide

There are two ways you can Obtain Ophiotauros Hide in the game. The first one is killing Ophiotauros Mobs, which you can find in the Elpis. The Coordinates to get there are X:15, Y:9. Players will have to kill them in the hope of getting the rare drop, the Ophiotauros Hide. You will have to spend hours doing this as the drop rate is infrequent, and it could take a long time for you to find one.

The other way is buying it from Gemstone Traders, and you can find these NPCs at the following places: Aisara: Elpis-Anagnorisis (X:24.5, Y:23.5), Gadfrid: Old Sharlayan – The Agora (X:13, Y:10.5) and Sajareen: Radz-at-Han – West Balshahn Bazaar (X:11, Y:10). You can trade the Ophiotauros Hide for two Bicolor Gemstones, which is comparatively easy to get.

You can use the Hide as a crafting material in the game or refine it to get Ophiotauros Leather. Then use the Leather to craft different tools. Moreover, you can sell these tools to get collect some in-game money.

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