Final Fantasy 16: Best Ways To Earn Ability Points Fast

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 has a big skill tree that needs a lot of ability points to complete. So here is how to farm AP in the game.

Final Fantasy 16 is the newest installment in the franchise. And this time, the combat system seems to have significantly changed. After experimenting with the hybrid style of the FF7 remake, FF16 has ditched the turn-based system altogether. Now it is a character action game, playing more like a Devil May Cry than the older Final Fantasy games.

With the combat system seeing the most significant changes, the skill system also sees some changes. Now you will only play one character and have a skill tree. As you progress through the game, you will gain more abilities with their own skill tree too.

The skills in the skill tree need ability points or AP to unlock them. And you can actually farm AP in the game. Depending on which point in the game you are on, there are a few different spots to farm AP in Final Fantasy 16. Here is how you can farm AP on each point of the game.

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Best Ways To Earn Ability Points in FF16

Farming AP in the Early game

The best early-game AP farm is by killing Bluebirds in different wild areas of the map. Bluebird is a rare kind of Chocobo that is blue in color. When killed, it gives the player 40 AP without any AP boosting items. These animals can be found in these sections of the map. But if they don’t spawn right away, you can go away and fast-travel again to make these enemies spawn.

Credit: Square Enix

Farming AP in the Late Game

If you are in the late-game areas of Final Fantasy 16, there is a great farming spot in Ravenwit Walls Obelisk. From this obelisk, go to the northeast corner of the map. There you will find a bunch of Hyenas, each giving the player 80 AP. You can easily gain 400 AP from this. And the best part is these enemies can be reset using the fast travel feature.

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