Faze Clan Suspends Mew Following Astronova’s Allegations

Faze Clan member Mew was recently suspended after another streamer, Astronova, brought up some serious allegations against him.

Kerry ‘Mew’ Nguyen, more commonly known online as Faze Mew, is a popular Twitch streamer, Tiktok Star, and content creator. His Twitch channel has more than 850k followers. Mews usually streams games like Call of Duty, VALORANT, Fortnite, etc. Faze Mews is also very active on Tiktok, with more than 3.2M followers.

Recently some allegations surfaced against Faze Mews. The allegations were brought up by another streamer Astronova. According to the allegations, Faze Mew’s actions were inappropriate against Astronova about a year ago.

In a Tweetlonger post, Astronova explained her side of the story. Apparently, Faze Mews got Astronova drunk and took advantage of the situation during their meetup for a Subathon. Astronova also said that she was scared to come out with this for the past year and finally decided to have the courage.

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Faze Clan Suspends Mew:

Faze Clan came out with an announcement shortly after Astronova’s post. In the announcement, they said that Mew was indefinitely suspended until investigations were complete regarding this matter.

The Tweet reads,

“We’re taking the accusations against Mew seriously and taking all measures to investigate the situation. We’ve mutually agreed on an indefinite suspension while we gather information to determine further action.”

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