How to Get La Petite Mort Grenade Launcher: Far Cry 6

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Here is how you can get the La Petite Mort Grenade Launcher.

The Far Cry game has some rare items, gear, and weapons to collect from a whole wild open area. And of course, nothing is different from that part of the game as well. You can manage to find tons of unique weapons in the game through treasure hunts across the map. And of that, the La Petite Mort Grenade Launcher is something you should look for apart from other arsenals in Far Cry 6. And here we are today, with a complete guide below, so you can get the La Petite Mort Grenade Launcher in Far Cry 6.

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The La Petite Mort Grenade Launcher in Far Cry 6

One of the many treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 is “Sword-Crossed Lovers,” which lets you obtain this weapon. To start this treasure hunt, you will first need to head to the location mentioned in the photo below. Furthermore, after you are there, head inside the cave until you reach the shipwreck.

Map Location

Far Cry 6 Cave for treasure location


Entrance for the treasure room


After you are inside the cave with the shipwreck at the bottom, players will not have to dive in the water and use their grappler to get on the ship. Moreover, you will see a cannon to your left; interact with it and use it to shoot down the rocks blocking the entrance above. In fact, inside this entrance, you will find a chest with the La Petite Mort Grenade Launcher.

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