Far Cry 6: How To Make Money Faster

Money is the primary way to upgrade everything in Far Cry 6, and here is how you can make it faster.

Far cry is out now after much anticipation from fans around the world. This open-world game lets you go around its world gathering weapons and earning money to upgrade them. There are more resources alongside the in-game money Pesos, like different kinds of materials and Uranium. Pesos is one of the most important resources found in Far Cry 6. So we have added all the different types of ways you can acquire money quickly in the game.

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How to make quick money in Far Cry 6

Looting everything

Far Cry 6 Looting everything
Credit- Ubisoft

The first way is, of course, by looting in the vast map of Yara. Every time you are out in the world of Far Cry 6. Let it be on a mission or going for a stroll in its beautiful world. Make sure to loot out everything you find in every room. Players will find lots of Pesos lying around in buildings, campsites, rooms all over Yara. Try taking time exploring areas when doing a mission to see all the Pesos lying around.

Players can also use a setting to help them locate loot more easily. Moreover, this setting will cause the objects in the environment to have a white outline. It is always worth stocking up on extra cash as it can help you with everything in Far Cry 6.

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Los Bandidos Operations

Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos Operations
Credit- Ubisoft

One of the best ways to earn quick Pesos in Far Cry 6 is by completing Los Bandidos Operations’ missions. Furthermore, Los Bandidos Operations can be accessible after you reach a certain point in the story. You will be able to recruit people you rescue across Yara. Players then can send them for missions and collect massive cash rewards from them. So this can be one of the most straightforward and effective ways to get money in Far Cry 6.

Repeating races

Far Cry 6 Races
Credit- Ubisoft

The last way to earn quick Pesos in Far Cry 6 is by repeating and winning races repeatedly. It can be a very effective and fast way to earn cash. Go around the map, find the quickest race, beat it, and keep repeating and winning it to get more money.

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