Fan ran into this rare reload animation for the G7 scout in Apex Legends

This is super rare indeed

Apex Legends has some of the weird easter eggs in any FPS games that are out right now.

Apex Legends fan relekkk found out about this very rare Garand style reload animation for the G7 scout. This kind of super-rare animation isn’t first in Apex Legends. But it is certainly a surprise for anyone who played this game for a long time and had no idea this was a thing.

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There is also another example of Respawn being cheeky with this kind of addition to the game. There is also a wraith animation where she does an “OK” sign while she uses her tactical and ultimate ability at the same time. Take a look at that right here.

Feels like the old Battlefield days

It’s always fun to see game Devs having fun with this kind of cheeky addition to their games. It just shows how much passion and hard work they put into these games. Game development can be really tiresome as demand for a live service game to always one-up their previous update can really be crunch inducing.

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Nevertheless, you can always feel the passion. This kind of rare animations was a staple in the games like Battlefield 4 back in the day where you could spot super rare reload animation for certain weapons in specific situations only. Good to see Respawn keeping up the tradition of this weird and silly addition to their game.


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