Exclusive Interview: Co-founder of Annihilation shares what we can expect from the first-ever free-to-play battle game made in Bangladesh

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Crisis Entertainment

Annihilation is an upcoming free-to-play battle royale game as well as a 5v5 online shooter from Crisis Entertainment.

The game will feature a 60-player battle royale mode where players will be able to choose any operator they would like. Furthermore, each of these operators will also have unique skills similar to how a hero shooter works.

Recently, we sat down with one of the co-founders of Crisis Entertainment, Siam Hasan Udoy, who is also the CTO and game director, for an exclusive interview where we discussed the monetization, release date, cross-play, maps, operators, weapons, ray tracing, and much more in vivid details in order to inform players on what exactly they can expect from the game.

Exclusive interview

What’s your plan for monetization?

Our monetization plan is fully based on In-Game Items! Such as Operator (Character/Hero), Weapon and Character Skins, Heirloom, Badges, Banner, Battle Pass, etc.

Is there going to be a public beta?

This is a huge game! I mean really huge … Basically, it’s impossible for us to release this game as
“Production Ready” title game or even “Early access” in such a short time with our small team!
That’s why we are planning to release this game as a beta version from the beginning!! Gamer’s satisfaction is our first priority! As a hardcore online gamer, We won’t release a production-ready version until we can satisfy ourselves!

How is this battle royale game going to bring something different to the oversaturated market?

Sometimes, being different or unique is not the answer! But we did research and collected everything possible in Battle Royale Genre and are trying to make something that everyone can enjoy!!
Our Gameplay is focused on three words: Smooth, Action, and Esports.

Is there going to be ray tracing support?

We have tested ray tracing in-game, but we are not launching yet due to some engine scripting issues!!!

What will be the difference between the mobile and console/PC version of the game?

The Mobile version will be different from pc/console!
Gameplay will be the same, but graphics and some in-game content will be different in the mobile version

Is there going to be any cross-platform or cross-progression support in the game?

No, but in the future, we have a plan for PC and Console Cross-Platform!!

Can you tell us more about the characters/operators in the game?

The character’s abilities in our game are very Grounded! Like Drone, Hack, Healer, Arrow, or just a Weapon Master ..something like that.

How many types of weapons can players expect from the game? And what will the recoil be like?

We will launch with Pistol, Revolver, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Laser-Based Sniper, laser Based Pistol!

Is this going to be exclusively a first-person game or there will be options to play from a third-person perspective?

Not exclusively fps/tps… but it’s not like other br genre fps or tps mode switch in-game. There are some unique gameplay and abilities for each mode.

What kind of response are you expecting since the game is free-to-play?

After deciding our game will be free, We opened our branch in India, and we moved our base company from Bangladesh to Australia… we are expecting a decent number player and community so that we can expand this game and company in other countries. Free to play games are very tricky for developers. So we are trying hard to make it possible.

How many maps can players expect from the game?

We are launching with 2 Battle royale map… and 2 5v5 maps.

1 battle royale map is inspired by “Chittagong“, Bangladesh. The other map is inspired by “Sikkim” India. And the 5v5 maps are inspired by Japan and Norway.

In the gameplay trailer, we saw a banner ad that was being displayed in the actual game. Is it also a part of your monetization policy?

No…. not any kind of policy! It’s just for trailer purposes.

When can players expect to get their hands on the game?

Most probably this December!

So players can expect to play the game as early as December. Furthermore, players can already add the game to their wish list on Steam.

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